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When did you last tell somebody that India is a secular country? Maybe at times when people from a certain community and their messiahs were painting the sky green a few months back or during your speeches on 15th of August. However, come out of this delusion. India cannot be a secular country because here, a particular community, named Muslim, is not following the law of the land! The people in the Muslim community has to follow, unfortunately, the communal laws which are almost ages-old and to an extent – bizarre in proper words! The SC (Supreme Court) has to hear a remarkable case on triple talaq which is scheduled 4 days from today. However, ahead of this very significant hearing, we have seen almost a jolted step by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. They have issued a formal statement for the SC and raised certain points.

Take a look at their absurd and entirely bizarre arguments:

“When serious discords develop in a marriage and the husband wants to get rid of his wife, there are legal compulsions and time-consuming judicial processes. In extreme cases, a husband may resort to illegal criminal ways of getting rid of her by murdering her. In such situations, triple talaq is a better resource.”

Are you serious? Are the persons sitting in air-conditioned rooms of Muslim Personal Law board trying to imply that Muslim husbands are not sane enough that they can kill their wives over discord? Even if the triple talaq comes to their rescue, will the Muslim Personal Law Board take the responsibility that there will be no discord with the next wife (or wives) the man will marry? I am amused by the wit of this ‘outwitted’ statement and surely, I will be highly appalled to see if the SC takes a cognition of such shallow statement!

Another argument that they presented to the knowledge of the Supreme Court was that the Muslim laws cannot be changed in the name of social reforms. I am sure the person who has scripted the statement must be living in a Utopia where there are nothing like the law of the land, constitution, space of adding and subtracting according to the popular need etc.

This is a great opportunity for the Supreme Court to come with a strong stand. They must take note of the atrocities done on the Muslim women in the name of religious laws. Polygamy, triple talaq and many other sick laws are there only for the women to tolerate. If at all India has to progress, these personal religious laws must be scrapped as soon as possible! Let us see what the Supreme Court does this time while the country waits to witness a historical victory of ‘real human rights’ or again be fooled by the courts of justice!

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