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PM Modi is brave and we know that. You may like him; hate him (with or without a reason); admire him; say bad about him, but, for sure, you cannot ignore him! Leaving the personal opinions of people for our prime minister Modi aside, what I want to talk today is his constant stand on terrorism. He has recently raised the issue of terrorism from the floor of G20 as well as the ASEAN summit. Before you bin the news saying ‘what’s new’, you must read what I have to say.

India, today, is not the same it was 20 years ago. Moreover, India, today, is also not the same that it was before the national assembly elections in 2014! We have come very far in the terms of international reach and recognition. What the Indian prime minister says today does not only make national headlines but also finds a secure position in the international news. As a nation, we have been constantly battling the terror coming from across the border. Narendra Modi has raised this issue very forcefully at occasions he has got. Now India is not the same ‘mute’ nation which the world used to look down as a ‘junior partner’. Economically, technologically, intellectually, and every other possible-wise, India is rising day by day and the world has no choice but to acknowledge the same. Therefore, the ‘southeast Asian nation’ which is supporting terror and giving a safe haven to the terrorists must be aware.

This time, Modi has given a clear cut message to our neighbours – stop batting on the pitch prepared with the soil of terror. Pakistan, as a nation, has constantly been doing so since the painful (or painless) separation. Their grudge is Kashmir and we can never give even a piece of it to them, the world knows! Whoever becomes the PM of Pakistan or even the president, he/she has to ride the horses fed by the military. And hence, there is no option left but to reiterate the agenda of ISI and different terror organisations operating from Pakistan. These are in public domains since the decades.

However, no PM from India used to be so clear and unambiguous in his/her address at the world leading forums of the leaders. Now that Modi has taken up the issue of ‘neighbourhood terrorism,’ we must hope something better to come. Today also, from the ASEAN podium, PM has reinforced his and India’s unequivocal stand against terrorism. Also, PM has to meet the POTUS and their increasing bilateral interests have been a panic for our neighbour since it started.

Has the time come that Pak will be cornered internationally? Or the political games will go on even on the international stage? Our stand as a nation along with the leader of the nation is frank and clear. We have to see what Uncle Sam does.

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