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Now that the PM Narendra Modi has spoken in harsh terms about the so-called Gau-Rakshaks or the cow vigilante groups, any conscious citizen of the country can easily see a dilemma in the opposition of the self-proclaimed secular parties which, for so long, wore the ‘lehanga’ of human rights protection and dalit championship. Their main agenda against Modi was of ‘furious Hindutva’ and now, after the sequence of events in this order, this main agenda or in better words the propaganda has been snatched away from them. Narendra Modi has hit out against the ‘goons in the garb of protectors’ and urged all the states to take strict action against them. Very smartly and eloquently he has drawn a line of ramification between the real cow protectors and those who have made it a business for their own ends. So, at a deeper level, should we now understand that only Hindutva and the holy cow are not the only major causes of the BJP? Directly going against the ‘hard-core Hindus’ might hurt the BJP’s elections in UP (scheduled in 2017)! What do we need to decipher?

To me, the PM of India sounds right when he says that some people have made a business out of it. Cow Vigilante has become a shield to torcher the minors and the dalits at some places. I don’t think any right-thinking person, be it from Hindu or Muslim or any other community in the world, will justify the act against the dailts of Una in Gujarat! Will you do that? Now, when the PM says that for him, the life of a dalit is more important than the life of a cow, he is right! Even a cow gives the message of sympathy and affection, as we call cows our mother.

It was a surprise to me to know that there are no problems of cow vigilantes or cow slaughters in Bihar. Ajay Alok, a senior spokesperson of the JDU, yesterday night on a program, assured the nation that there are no such issues in Bihar. How? I am from Bihar and Mr. Ajay Alok, I know what are the issues in Bihar. According to your narrative, if there are no problems in Bihar, why was Nitish shouting at the top of his voice and challenging PM Modi to speak up against ‘them’? And now that he has spoken up and asked you to take action, you say there is nothing ‘like that’. Was there a hint of fabrication, then? Are the cow vigilantes ‘made up’ to defame the good work done by ‘original Gau Rakshaks’? Any conscious person who has a little understanding of the Indian politics can see the blue as blue!

PM Modi has done a great job by giving a strong message of condemnation of the atrocities done on the dalits and Muslims in the name of cow protection. He has not only proved that he is ‘above the vote bank’ politician but also reached out to the people in politics and media who have hijacked secularism for themselves only. If this is only the hint of what is going to happen in the near future as ‘BIG’ I would rather say that be ready for the paradigm shift in Indian politics!

And to all those who are passionate about cow protection, please do something in ‘real terms’. Stop the use of plastic bags so that our cows don’t die by eating them. Killing others in her name is something that now cow would agree to! Understand the meaning of protection and let the law do for what it has been there for centuries! Protect our cows; protect our brothers and sisters; protect our harmony!

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