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Just look around, you will get in plenty! What? your question must be this. Nothing new, sir, the class of people who now take a quality interest in abusing the nation, calling names to the pride of the nation, and simply hating and defaming anything and everything which is ‘national’. There has been a new (or rather a classy old) addition to the list – Shobha De. You must remember her – yes, the same erotic writer who sells human weakness towards sexual pleasure in her words. To be honest, I remember her at times only because I get to see the research works like ‘sexuality in Shobha De’s novels,’ ‘physical pleasure as the drive in Shobha De,’ and so on… Now, this celebrated writer has complained about the participation of our national athletes in the events like Olympics. Good, it’s a democracy and you have that right, Shobha De! However, at the same time, the same democracy also entitles people like me to give it back on your chin that you have given us on our forehead. Are you ready?

So according to you, we should not bother about Olympics, right? Don’t let yourself fragment into pieces, Shobha, you actually said it. Here it goes:


I have something to ask you – why the writers like you bother about writing? What have you added to the literary fraternity? How much of the social responsibility have you carried on your shoulder with the works you have written? Have you ever read T. S. Eliot and what he has to say about the writers’ responsibility? Now, bothering about the Olympics is something that we Indians (only if you include yourself…) have been doing since long… since the days Indian Hockey Team was winning Golds at this grand events. Were you existing in those days? Sorry, I am not so much bothered to look for your age! I am bothered rather about the participation of our athletes in the Olympics.

You must have been spared if you only stopped where you started ‘bothering about the Olympics’. However, you are in a constant habit of letting loose your tongue and speak whatever you want. In this case, your fingers while tweeting, when those carried your absurd and derogatory ideas to the public. So, what did you say?


Don’t you click selfies? Don’t you drink around with people from page 3? Don’t you participate in the events which will otherwise be called ‘unsocial’? Look inside, Shobha, just look inside! You will be ashamed in front of one hundred and thirty crores of Indians who are standing behind our great and ‘deserving players’ who have ‘earned’ a respect by making themselves ‘qualified’ to participate in the Olympics! You don’t have that moral right to condemn them or our ‘money’ that we have invested in sending them to Rio! And above all, they fully use this ‘opportunity’ by earning name and fame for the country and themselves. What have you done in the field of writing? Tell me the names of award you have won? Tell me the when did you win the Nobel Prize for literature? Oh! I forgot the year you were the booker winner, Shobha, please serve my memory!

And I am appalled at your hypocritical stand, at the worst. You were the one supporting freedom of expression, alcohol consumption and all those sorts of things people like you have made a fashion to do. What’s wrong if a player, who has done hard work, reserves a berth to Rio and there, entertains a little by wandering around and taking selfies? Even the great champion like Usain Bolt also does it. Do you have the guts to say the same for Usain?

My simple advice to you is, and will always be, PROVE YOURSELF first and then only attack others. They have already proved themselves by qualifying for the Olympcis. Don’t pose for camera only – pose for the honour as well! Go and watch the sports of Olympics and enjoy! By the way, the star shooter for India, Abhinav Bindra took on Shobha’s remarks:


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