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Could you believe it? There was a time in India when people used to say ‘Man Mohan Singh is an honest man’. No more! Dear Indians, no more! The expose on the Ishrat Jahan case has brought the former Man Mohan government, led by Sonia Gandhi, directly into the witness box. You need to do the justice; you need to understand the underlying ‘patch-up’. We have already seen two assassinations of the former prime ministers of India (and probably a third one, Rajendra Babu). The expose by Times Now, a leading English news channel, clearly indicates that Congress was ‘directly’ involved in the plotting of Narendra Modi’s assassination, which fortunately could not see the dawn of the reality. I may sound ‘politically incorrect’ but who cares to be correct when entire politics in our country is incorrect!

This ‘Bihar ki Beti’ who was suggested by American Intelligence as a ‘suicide bomber’ targeting Hindu temples and particularly Narendra Modi, until now has been used a leading weapon by the Congress and other parties to frame Narendra Modi as someone who hates minorities. Leading journalists from our great democracy have ranted days and nights the role of Gujrat CM in this so called ‘fake encounter case’. The MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) has deliberately removed all the points that proved Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist appointed by LeT, and it was done by a person called P Chidambaram. However, the way things are coming up in the investigation carried out by Times Now, Chidambaram does not seem the ultimate culprit. BJP is already hinting towards the 10 Janpath and ‘she’.

Even a novice with a little political sense can smell the rat here. In his tenures as the CM of Gujrat, Modi was undoubtedly garnering the fame and prestige that helped him to reach where he is today – the PM of India. The experts believe and so do I that Congress clearly saw the rise of Modi a problem in their political ambition. Otherwise, there was no point in ignoring the inputs from USA intelligence about the ‘girl called Ishrat Jahan’ who was on her mission to take revenge of the mosque demolition.

In the wake of all these ‘coming up’ episodes, I fully agree with Arnab Goswami that it was undoubtedly a sabotage by the leadership of Congress. They have manipulated the files, and not only the files, the interest of the national security. They have constantly posed a terrorist as a martyr who was targeting the temples like Akshardham and Somnath. It was the bravery of our soldiers who gunned those four terrorists down. However, very unfortunately, they had to spend a part of their lives in the prison – was defending the national interest their crime?

Mr. Chidambaram and Sonia, along with Rahul Gandhi and the entire Congress have many questions to answer now. The entire nation is looking at them with surprise and, if I may be politically incorrect once more, disgust. How could the politics of a party which has seen Nehru stoop so low?

Other than the Congress, the nation has so many questions for these big guns of media as well. The newspapers like Indian Express who publish ‘And they hanged him’ as their grand headlines have to answer why they are silent on such a big conspiracy in the history if national politics. Those ‘self-made champions of journalism’ are shying away from the truth today.

See, see, and just see, dear friends, when we will have justice for the nation in this case. The onus now comes on the shoulders of BJP as well. If, like always, they use this development in the Ishrat case just as another political issue, they will be on the backfoot. You have the proof now and you must act, act as severely as you can against the people who have put the national security at the risk. Just imagine the loss we could have if Ishrat could succeed in her ploy to blast the Akshardham temple! Modi, Rajnath, and BJP have the upper hand now. We have to see how much they are able to use the situation and bring the culprits to a ‘judicial justice’.

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