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Odd-Even rule in Delhi has returned once again for another 15 days. You must remember the childhood stories by your mother, grandmother or anyone else that told you about ’15 din andheria; 15 din ujala’ meaning that 15 days for darkness and 15 days for light. We have seen the phase of darkness and we seeing the phase of light. So, one month will complete. Now, first let me clarify my stand that I am in support of odd-even despite all the problems it creates for the commoners like me. (I have almost broken my left-hand while wrestling to deboard at the Rajiv Chowk metro station!) However, I am surely seeing something very clearly in the wake of Odd-even part two. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is posing himself as a hero; the cab providers are forced to pose as villains; the common people are victims of a self-made hero and forced villains.

Odd-even 2.0 trial starts; mobile app-based cab providers Ola and Uber suddenly bring in the surge; Kejriwal comes to the fore and threatens the on-demand cab companies to cancel their licenses. A day later, the companies go hands-off and tell us that we cannot provide cabs on time without the surge. Win-win for the companies; win-win for Kejriwal; now, you tell me who is on that side that’s called losers?

Not only that, many studies have been carried out to analyse the results of the odd-even formula in Delhi. IIT Delhi has clearly stated that no traffic boost; no pollution boost; we need to do something better. And it seems a good call. While we have so many exemptions on the floor, how can we expect something better to happen? Two-wheelers, auto-rikshaws; cabs; and other exempted vehicles, don’t those bring pollution? Only big hoardings and advertisements on the television from the public fund “koi to sarkar hai ji jo kam kar rahi hai” will not work Mr. Kejriwal. You need to think seriously what that person waiting for a cab for three hours in the night would have to ask you.

This is a great and bold move and I support your thinking. However, when we know that we have to jump in the fire (with no options to escape), then it’s advised to have the plan to survive there if at all we want to live. Did you have it? You have to go to the office and rarely one might ask you why you are late. Think of those who have to answer at least 20 tongues when they arrive at the office only 3-4 minutes late. (What chaos would an hour late bring?)

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