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I still have the reverberances fresh in my mind; I can recall all those heroic statements that big guns of the national media passed over the JNU ‘anti-national’ activities. Murder of democracy; control on the autonomy; seizing the independence of the students; tyranny of the government; fascism of the chadhis; sanghiyon ka atyachar and all those beautiful adjectives they could bring out of their book. Yes, this is the language that journalists uses these days. When on tv, they are scared; they are under pressure. Once they start tapping their fingers on twitter, they lose themselves (almost like Eminem lost himself in music) and use all sort of abuses in their language. Of course, they also have the freedom of expression; and so have those who are labelled ‘chadhis’. The recent ‘murder of democracy’ is committed in Srinagar, specifically, at the NIT Srinagar campus. During the JNU case, police waited outside the campus; in the NIT Srinagar case, police not only entered the campus, but also thrashed the students who were marching with the tri-colour in their hands and Bharat Mata ki Jai slogans. The J&K Police ‘brutally’ hacked those future techies and a large number of those students were admitted in the nearby hospitals. Some had dislocations; some had fractures; some had broken hand; some had broken leg. Yes, we got these information from the videos that we got from the students there. I really hope this time again some media houses and leaders like Kejriwal will come ahead to say that the students got full time to ‘doctor’ the video.

Hindustan ke kute:
Can you believe it? According to a news channel’s report, the J&K police called the out-station students Hindustan ke kute. I mean what can be more rubbish than this? In the territory of my OWN country, someone calls me with this adjective? I directly say to Mr. Modi – Mr. Modi, this time, in fact second time, you erred! You did not have to form your government with such a lady who is constantly silent on the manufactured terror in the state. This is highly disgraceful for the nation as well as for the government in the centre that we have to come face-to-face with such disgusting realities. Those who chanted ‘Bharat ki barbadi’ are getting offers from Big Boss and were given stardom within a night, but those who protested with tiranga jhanda in their hands were given a brutal torchure! Is this the democracy? Abuse our nation and Barkha will say you the coming ‘legend’, Tharoor will compare you with Bhagat Singh; hoist the national flag and police is coming to hack you… bon voyage, patriots!

Well, indeed I am talking about the students. I must talk about the vice president of Congress, Mr. Rahul Gandhi. He had all the time to visit JNU and Hyderabad university to polish his politics. Even today, he had adequate hours to join the protest of the jewellers at Jantar Mantar, Delhi. He had no time to give a bite to media about the incident at NIT Srinagar. And for sure, he will not visit the campus to give consolation to students that your ‘rights will not be seized’.

The J&K government must dismiss and jail all those inspectors involved in such a brutal act. Nirmal Singh coming out in public and making a statement with his shaky defence ‘mild lathi charge’ is not going to work. The whole nation is watching you, Nirmal ji, and Mohbooba Mufti, you as well. We want action; we want to see Indians will have justice on the soil of India to hoist the national flag of India and to hail mother India. They were not saying Laden’s sagas; they were chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai!

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