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The IPL & Water Crisis in Maharashtra

Rajiv Shukla, the chairman of IPL and a senior leader of congress, seems to be schizophrenic, at least, after his statement in response to the High Court observations about the wastage of water during IPL matches in Mumbai and other locations in Maharashtra. Utterly insensitive, thoroughly irresponsible, highly disgusting: in fact, you can pick any harsh word or phrase from the dictionary to denounce the statement made by this person for whom human problems are unworthy in comparison to cricket matches. Before I say anything else about Mr. Rajiv Shukla, you must read his statement:

“Our sentiments are with drought-affected Marathwada. But some litres of water needed for two-three grounds will not solve the water problem. Matches will continue as per schedule.”

What the people suffering from water crisis will do with your statement, Rajiv? What will your sentiment do? How will you justify your matches ‘that will continue as per schedule’? Have you lost your sense of judgement? Some litres? Do you know, people in Mumbai Cricket Board have confirmed that almost 40 lac litres of water will be used only for the matches that will happen in Mumbai? And you go on saying that some litres of water cannot solve the problem? In fact, you are write; those litres of water can barely solve the problem, but for sure, the wastage of water on such a great level will surely give rise to the water crisis in the state. And your apprehension of the situation clearly tells that you don’t care at all for the people who are suffering for a single glass of drinking water in Latur.

However, to the comfort of people, the High Court, Mumbai, has questioned the wastage of water. The Bombay High Court, which has previously passed a landmark judgment to the appeal of women entrance in temples, has directed the state government to act against this senseless wastage of water. Not only that, the high court has also told the government to inform about the steps it plans to take.

While the nation (in majority) seems to be standing against this money-machine show of cricket, we need to wait & watch what the legends of the game do. Sachin, who comes from Maharashtra, must come at the fore and have his say. We had enough of IPL, corruption and futility. We had a good World Cup T20 already; so, the least they can do is shifting the IPL matches from Maharashtra to other location, if they cannot completely scrap it. Humanity is above entertainment; we must acknowledge human problems, Rajiv ji. Paise bahut ho gaye apke khate me ab, kuchh bhalai bhi kar len to log nam lenge.

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