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Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar was a great person who struggled, struggled and struggled to deliver justice to the Dalits, lower classes and oblivion section of the society. Ambedkar was utterly against the Brahmins and the corruption, high-headedness, and exploitation in the Hindu religion. Even being a Brahmin myself, I admit that he was right to a great extent. Yes, there were and still are corruptions and bad practices in our religion. However, at the same time, I am proud to belong to Hindu religion! The true path of a Hindu person is accepting the positive changes and it has been reflected through the recent events. Shani Shingnapur temple and women entrance… you must have seen that all progressive thinking HINDU people were backing the activists. And those who were protesting against it in the name of customs and traditions, at last, backed off and accepted the change. So, I would like to start by proving the ‘ANTI-HINDU’ Sagarika Ghose wrong. She has mischievously quoted Ambedkar in one of her tweets:

See, Sagarika, our PM is a Hindu and he is prospering. We are mentally preparing to digest even if your proud Hindu husband Rajdeep eats beef and you enjoy that too. We are not protesting against your rants day and night against our religion; we are not stoning you like they do in Islamic countries even if you speak ‘ill’ about our country. You are the best example of a prospering Hindu, aren’t you? Or your religion is something else than Hinduism? And yes, I don’t concur with that particular idea of Baba Saheb. Hindus do prosper; Hindus have prospered; Hindus will prosper.

Now coming to the moot issue, you must have noticed one thing; whenever a birth anniversary occurs, politicians tend to ‘own’ that particular figure for their petty political score. Not so many days have passed when the monarch of intellect Shashi Tharoor compared Kanhaiya Kumar to Sardar Bhagat Singh, and here comes another comparison. This time, the Congress VC (or in better terms, a naive politician) has compared Baba Saheb Ambedkar to the deceased student activist Rohith Vemula.

Does the constitution of India only exist for Dalits? Can these politicians limit the great personality of Ambedkar only as a Dalit icon? When will the political class of India understand what was the motive of Ambedkar?

There was an intellectual person, a champion of equality in the society, a great social worker who sets himself up on the path of a nationwide revolution. He is asked to be a part of the constitution drafting committee. He puts certain conditions in the constitution so that the downtrodden class of our social system has a chance to come to the fore and stand equal to the exploiters and people from elite classes. However, there is no more Baba Saheb; there is exploitation; there are people in the suppressed classes. What did we do to make his dream true?

Rahul Gandhi today goes to polish-shine his political sole-less shoes and shout that ‘they killed another Dalit like Baba Saheb Ambedkar who raised his voice’. Mr. Gandhi, what your dynasty did in the previous sixty years? What did Congress do for the Dalits? Had you ever have a genuine will to do something for them? Have you ever come out of the house of that imaginational Kalawati? Have you ever travelled to the real tattered houses of the Dalits?

As far as the Modi government is considered, yes, they are also not successful in the terms of Dalit development. Fictional sixers have become something that even Robert Vadra has learnt to hit! The real work is always invisible. The tragic events against the suppressed people and to the bonus, the reckless remarks of some of the cabinet ministers are even harsher – for the government as well as for the people.

I was hoping something concrete and honest on the birth anniversary of Ambedkar, but my expectations were too high!

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