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Had ‘good times’ reading the article by Chetan Bhagat, which ‘seemingly’ has unsettled the champion of ‘neutrality’ Barkha Dutt. Chetan is a very straightforward person when it comes to expressing his personal point of view, even about the most serious of the matters. I like his attitude (though I don’t like his ‘commercial’ novels) when he draws our attention to the matters of importance and extends his valuable suggestions. This time, Chetan Bhagat has come up with his feelings about the core issue of ‘Indian Politics’, since the independent politics in India started, the ‘Mission Kashmir’ of India. I will be honest; I have read his article three times thoroughly and several times in portions! He has inspired me to present my side of narration about the ‘valley of delusions’ as well.

Kashmir – whenever you articulate this term, your mind will surely echo the ancient, the present and the future – all at the same time. A failed diplomacy of Nehru (maybe for his personal political gains); the present state of confusion the Kashmir valley, and also a sense of ‘worry’ about the coming days for us – Indians, Kashmiris, and Pakistanis! While Chetan has rightly suggested to the youths of Kashmir to come and integrate with India, are there any other options left to them? I’d rather like to quote from the original article:

“India is seen as a major emerging market economy. Pakistan is not even seen as a real economy.”

Dear friends in the valley, why you people are so obese with Pakistan? The recent political scenario in Pakistan does not seem alright; how do you expect them to take care of Kashmir if they are unable to take care of themselves? Yes, the ‘Iagos’ of Pakistan might have promised you of ‘Jannat’, ‘dreamlands’ and many other possibilities, but, the fact remains clear. You can never be happy with a ‘true militant’ rule. So, I completely agree with the suggestion of Chetan – you should leave the ‘living in Paki dreams’ lifestyle.

India is the only country that is apposite to the people of Kashmir; we guard your homes; we save your nights; we secure your days; we are happy with you; we respect your ideologies and seldom we force anything; cannot we settle together? Cannot Kashmir and Kashmiri remain in a ‘coo’ with India & Indians? Are we asking too much?

Oh yes, there are people in India who are not Indians; they are actually in a dilemma called ‘rootlessness’ that propelled people like Naipaul to come back to India. However, in the case of these people – the ‘complex Kashmir’ champions, they are still confused about an asylum that can best harness their ‘grinds and axes’. I daily ‘name & shame’ those people; let us not do it today.

In the wake of NIT Srinagar case, the issue of Kashmir and article 370 has once again caught the flame. As the history has it, it will again be ‘cold’ with the time, but, shall it settle the issues?

Now the time has come when we Indians have to come forward (remember that my phrase ‘Indians’ also include the people in Kashmir) and settle together with peace and harmony. Do keep in mind that the Nehruvian philosophies are no more relevant and we have an opportunity to create some on our ‘own’. We have to fail the petty politics; we have to fail the separatists; we have to fail the pro-terrorist agendas; we have to overcome the fear; we have to be ‘together’.

Jai Hind

Bharat Mata ki Jai

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