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Are you thinking the same? It was November 8, 2015. The result of Bihar assembly elections was declared. People of Bihar rejected the much-anticipated trajectory and chose the notorious nexus to rule their state. The ‘conscious’ citizens of other states had a great pleasure bashing the ‘Biharis’ for their boorish choice. We (I am a Bihari) were abused, called names, scorned… Now, as the results of elections held in 5 different states of India are coming out today, what should I say? Should I go ahead and say the people of Bengal are also the bunch of fools? People in Kerala, the most educated state of India, are nothing but nincompoops? Likewise, the people in Tamilnadu are also not wise in making a good choice for the government? There are many questions that need to be answered.

Honestly, yes, we Biharis made a wrong move by bringing the gang of looters and murderers in power. Nitish divorced his ethics and went into a convention-defying coalition with Laloo. It was as exemplary as eating with the enemy on the name of whom you have always sold your food items! The recent condition in Bihar, in the terms of crimes, has further cleared the picture!

West Bengal, under the rule of Mamta di, is not an exception. Many expose have come out to dismantle her promises of good governance and once again, people of that state have trusted the ‘syndicate’. But, I will not be rash and say that they are a bunch of fools and backward people. We all know about the ‘Jaya Lalita’ show. She has also seen the bars on some corruption charges, and yet again, people have brought her back to power.

To cut short, only rejecting or bringing a party to power does not make a state backward or forward. You cannot judge the entire state on a single factor. This is not meant to offend anyone. I just wish to let people know that don’t jump the gun! Enjoy the win in elections as I have other important things to write about the landslide victory of BJP in Assam and contracting condition of Congress in the country.

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