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Are we seriously heading towards an India that will be Congress Mukt? At least the results of elections held in 5 states of India hint the same. The castle of Congress in Assam, under the frustrating leadership of Tarun Gogoi, has been claimed by BJP. The party has promised the young and energetic leadership of Sarbananda Sonowal to the citizens of Assam. Likewise, the results for the Congress have not been good in other states as well. In Kerala, the CPI (M) led LDF (Left Democratic Front) has dethroned the government of Congress led UDF (United Democratic Front). In West Bengal, there is no trace of Congress in the terms of being near the magical figure. In Tamilnadu, Jaya Lalita seems to be taking on everyone else single-handedly, including Congress, which have been reduced to 0 figure in the tally. Yes, the wind of solace is coming for the Gandhi family from Ponducherry where they are forming the government. What are the implications of these election results? What is going to be the national impact of these results? Let’s have a glance.

Congress is now a 5-State Party:
There used to be a time when Congress ruled the country in the truest sense. They were at the centre; they were the circumference of that centre.
This is soon going to be the script of a story that elderly people will narrate to their children. Did you ask why? A valid question at an invalid time! Just go through the results of the elections in a span of past 3 years, you will not ask that question to me again.
With only 5 states and the falling ivory tower at the centre, Congress needs a thorough revamp or it should be ready to see more disasters in near future. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the man who has shown the doorway to BJP in Assam, rightly remarked that Congress needs to rise above the politics of ‘blue blood’ and give opportunities to the people who really deserve that.

North-East sees the ‘Lotus’
For the first time, the ‘saffron’ has shined in the North-East! The BJP has broken the almost ever-lasting kingdom of Congress in Assam. The rise of a new ‘Son’owal will be an entirely new day for the people of Assam. This victory is not only supposed to send a national message across the country but also an international message across the borders associating with Assam.

BJP OPENS account in Kerala
Finally! BJP is all set to gain its maiden seat in Kerala assembly! This is a huge beginning; the South was never said to be a BJP type thing as they are often associated with ‘Hindi Belt’. However, this time, their vote percent in Kerala sets to remain around 10%, which is a very significant mark!

At last… is Bharat all set to Congress Mukt?
When Amit Shah proposed his dream to see an India which is ‘Congress-free,’ the Congress ideologues in the nation merely twisted their face as they thought it ‘unworthy’ a wish. However, today, they are left with no defence as India seems ready to ‘give up’ Congress on the call of PM Modi as they have given up the gas subsidy. We will have to set our eyes now on the coming assembly elections – the first is UP. Let us see how much the country sustains the continuing blows to Congress.

My wishes to all the parties who have come victorious in the elections. Also, very best wishes to the CMs who will either continue or be the new!

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