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Today, it’s a ‘beef in public’ against a Supreme Court driven ban on cattle-selling in the haats (cattle market) for purposes other than ‘productive’. Clearly, this was a long-term noise by the people to stop this and finally, the Supreme Court of India directed the Government of India to do something about it and the Modi-led NDA government rose to the occasion. However, what transpired after the central government notification is JUST UNACCEPTABLE and what is even more unacceptable is the ‘intellectual cover fire’ which is being provided to the act of most cruel and barbaric order by some of the leaders of Congress Party in Kerala. These human beings publicly acted even worse than the beasts and beheaded a calf. Not only that, they celebrated cooking the calf on the public passageway and openly shouting the slogans for Congress Party.

By the night, it made a great political pandemonium and only after one complete day, came the apologetically unapologetic condemnation from the Congress Party’s vice president, Rahul Gandhi. Ironically, the single line tweet with no spine in it was highly appreciated by PETA India, the same organisation who makes a hue and cry for the cruelty against the animals during the Diwali voices. Amazing, isn’t it? 

The incident called ‘Beef Fest’ is spreading even faster than the cancer of the worst form and across India, we have been listening to the horror of cow slaughter and party of the beef in the public. The fact is – is this a right way to protest in a democracy? By this logic, there must have been brutal rapes on the roads of Delhi to protest against one of the most horrific crimes in Delhi. There must have been murders to protest the uncountable number of murders that have happened in India. Where are we heading? The worst scenario is made by the so-called liberal intellectuals who have gone mummm over the incidents. None of them have even bothered to tweet. And going one step further, some of them have even begun giving these incidents and the culprits a cover fire so that they may continue this ‘protest’ against the government of India notification. Are we living in the same India which was called secular until this incident happened? Are we living in a country where people have become insane and barbaric that they have to kill a poor calf? Are we living in a country where intellectuals are silent on a clear incident of provocation? 

My ire against the fake intellectuals have always been there but this time it’s on the top most! These are the same people who have all the time to pour venom and give it a communal colour when the Prime Minister of India speaks Jai Sri Ram or Har Har Mahadev. These are the same people who have gone bonkers even before the day breaks and Yogi Adityanath reaches Ayodhya. These are the same pseudo-liberal people who will give anything and everything a colour of Hindu-Muslim, but today, unfortunately, all these lame minded people are silent when a calf had to lose its life! Ah! India! So secular and so great! 

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