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This side of the deciding line, people are hopeful and preparing themselves to witness the change that’s to come after the historic demonetisation move. However, that side of the line, apparently, flooded with the people who are really worried about their (hidden or otherwise) black money, is not happy with the move that Modi government in the centre has taken. Since 8.00PM, 8th of the November 2016, Kejriwal and Co. is seen frustrated, panic-struck and clearly deluded. I will be blunt – what’s the reason that even after being kicked from many places where he goes to peddle his lies, he continues to oppose the move of Narendra Modi? Is it for the sake of ego (which he is confused to have)?

This day was a day full of social media chaos as Kejriwal landed himself in a problem. He retweeted a tweet which showed a picture of the youth who was believed of ‘hanging himself because he could not exchange his old currency in the bank’. However, the twitter users very soon found the truth – the youth was a thief and entered the bank with an intention to rob it. Being surrounded by the police and seeing no chance to escape, he hanged himself in frustration. SO, Mr. Kejriwal, do you endorse robbery? The person who has tweeted this morphed news, like the thief, deleted his account and vanished from twitter.

Now this is serious; this is the dirtiest level of politics being played in the country and no other than Kejriwal could do it better. Mark my words, a generation coming after us will ‘abuse’ this person called Kejriwal for his regressive stands on the issues of national interest. You are so keen in passing your comments, ain’t it, Kejriwal? Well, please share your views on Triple Talaq; share your views on Kashmir issue; share your views on Indo-China ties; share your views on what should we do with Pakistan and also on whether the national and state elections should go together. If you want to do politics, please keep you standard ‘gradable’. DO remember that people of this country don’t watch ‘degraded’ movies!

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