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If you ask me seriously, I never had anything more than ‘just the diplomatic respect’ for our former prime minister Manmohan Singh. Fortunately, he proved me right and justified today! The way he acted like a ‘hired woofer’ for congress’ policy and regressive stand on black money in the Rajya Sabha was a treat to watch. Like a majority of the population of the country, I too did not get a chance to listen to MMS often (when did he speak by the way?). Scams after scams happened under his nose and he kept mum or kept answering the questions on Sachin Tendulkar’s hundreds. However, listening to a ‘great & foreign educated economist’ taking a factually wrong stand on a revolutionary move by the current government was something that the country did not expect! Manmohan Singh could do better today; it was a chance in a lifetime for him to earn respect but he failed.

An economist-cum-PM of the nation who was surprisingly prudent and looking towards future when he opened the gates of investment in India in 1991, quoted Keynes in a possible malicious manner today. I think his ‘getting older’ mind has stopped working fastly and aligning with his speeches. He questioned RBI; he questioned PM; he raised the question on the intent of the government’s move with a testimony of ‘organized loot’. Is congress so desperate? And what did the opposition think when they shouted and thumped the desk like a beast thumps its breast? Are the words of a failed prime minister the gospels of economics? Will a ‘dishonest and looter of the nation PM’ teach us what should we do?

I am in no mood to count again which scams and of what magnitude happened when MMS was in power. I am just shocked to witness what I did witness in RS today. I really hoped something constructive and useful from the so-called economist. Perhaps it was only my delusion that the battery of ‘an old remote control’ has dried. Unfortunately, Man Mohan Singh still operates on the remote control which still has a pair of ‘made in Italy’ battery on its back. And with the help of 2G scam, the validity of this remote control has been pulled to a ‘life-time’.

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