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Jammu & Kashmir must have a government very soon! After the sad demise of J & K’s former chief minister Mufti Sahab, the state is running without any government. The importance of a government in Kashmir valley can be understood in the light of a phrase that ‘J & K is the paradise on the earth’. How long can you let the paradise go without any governance? Today’s meeting of Mehbooba Mufti and the honourable prime minister Narendra Modi has ignited the hopes of a government, the alliance of BJP+PDP, back in J & K.
The meeting of PM and would be CM was hung in a quandary for the past 48 hours and ultimately saw the light of reality. Monday afternoon, Ms. Mufti reached Delhi via a flight from the Kashmir valley. While media reports hyper it with ‘eagerness of BJP’ or whatsoever, the formation of the government is the major aim of BJP. The governer’s rule in J & K since January 7, the death of Mufti Sahab, has many a time seen the want of a government. We all know that Kashmir is on a constant attack of terrorists and in-house separatists’ terror. Therefore, we should hope that a conclusion comes out of this meeting between Modi and Ms Mufti.
After this meeting, another meeting of all the MLAs from PDP will take place on March 24. That meeting is said to be the decider of this dilemma. Wait & watch is said to be the best of the actions. The deadlock will get an answer after that meeting only. (Source)

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