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Influencer Marketing: online earning made easy!

Are you on twitter? There is a good news for you. You can earn money online, and like all others, it’s not a joke! You can make money by becoming a twitter influencer. What you will have to do is tweeting for particular brands and they will pay you on the basis of your followers count. Isn’t that good?

When we are talking about digital revolution, let us welcome this newly developed trend of marketing. People define it as influencer marketing. Those who participate in influencer marketing campaigns are known as influencers. The reason for the rapid popularity of this tool of marketing is that the company does not directly involve in campaigns. Moreover, celebrities also don’t necessarily participate. Then who run the campaign? Do you have the same question? Here is the answer to your queries:

How does influencer marketing work social media (1)

Who is an influencer?
You can be the next! Anyone on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram or any other who has a good number of followers may be an influencer. Also called as social media influencers, these people spread the promotional messages of a company or a brand. They voice about new product launches, new offers, upcoming models, film launch, a particular person or simply anything for which they are paid. As an influencer is not a celebrity, people cannot easily decipher that the messages they are seeing are in fact the marketing messages. Thus, they share those and also participate in speaking for the brand. The marketing campaign becomes a success and the brand gets desired recognition.

How brands approach the influencers?
Well, it depends on the brand name. Big brands have their own PR cell while the younger ones depend on different ad agencies. An influencer is sourced by the brand or the brand’s agency through the influencer finding tool. The person who seems fit for the campaign is picked for a call or email (whatsoever is available as the contact information on the profile). The amount is fixed per tweet/post or blog post. The campaign details are sent to the influencer.

Does influencer marketing really work?
I will say YES! I have been observing the works of branding agencies for sometimes and I know the insiders. Not only brands, even celebrity individuals do influencer marketing to keep their image in the spotlight. And this social media influencer marketing is already becoming the next big thing in digital promotion.

So, can I make money? Really?
Of course! Go ahead and make money! Create your social profiles if you don’t yet have and start gaining followers. Once you come in the eyes of agencies, you will be regularly contacted by them for several campaigns a month. Eventually, you can also become a ‘celebrity influencer’ some day!

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