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On Twitter, recently, an Indian author named Prakhar Shrivastava (@Prakharshri78) made a sensational claim that someone (in the government) has been altering the historical records published in the Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru. In fact, the author has provided proof that records about the massacre of farmers in Nagarnausa, Bihar, on November 5, 1946, which were detailed in a letter by Nehru to Padmaja Naidu, have been removed altogether from the 2003 reprint of the edition of Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru. Prakhar Shrivastava, the author, tells that this letter was published on page number 65 of part 1, Volume 2, SWJN. And he attached an image of the said page as well.

Though this might seem like an omission of a mere letter from the outside, the recorded sentiments, thoughts and emotions in the letter might be explosive once a reader goes through the same. Nehru, the first prime minister of India, writes in the letter that he seldom felt any remorse and that ‘the balance had been very slightly righted’ because Nehru writes a few sentences earlier, ‘Hindu peasant mobs have behaved in a manner that is the extreme of brutality and inhumanity’.

The said massacre of Hindu Peasants happened in 1946 at the hands of the interim government of soon-to-be independent India, headed by Jawaharlal Nehru. It is ironic that this government, led by Nehru, was to come to power only because of such ‘Hindu Peasant’ mobs and other revolutionaries (later betrayed by the dismissal attitude of Nehru and others in the government). These letters and other records, in the writings by Nehru, were prepared by the Indira Gandhi-led Indian Government. However, in a reprint, these letters were dropped by the Nehru Memorial Fund.

What could the reasons be? It can easily be guessed. Nehru and his policies have often been criticised because of many reasons. And now that people are taking interest in the works of History and liberal historians once again, passionately, such records in writing could easily dent the already tainted images of these ‘larger than life personalities who have long enough enjoyed the appreciation of a certain set of authors, thinkers, writers and politicians.

Prakhar Shrivastava, the author who brought this conspiracy and forgery in the name of history to the world, has published these documents in his book titled He Ram. Anyone who can get their hands on these selected works of J Nehru, both editions, can easily notice the fraud by the publishers. It becomes even more ironical and farcical to a great extent when the Indian National Congress party and historians loyal to the party have been trying to exhibit their frustrations publicly on the ongoing attempts of the present regime at the centre to ‘straighten’ and ‘correct’ Indian history. Why so fearful of your own history, people?

You can read more about Nehru’s own admissions of guilt and pendulum consciousness by reading his letters and other records as highlighted by many historians and authors recently. You can also get the book by Prakhar Shrivastava if you want to know more.


Shubham for ILN Opinion
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