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The recently-kindled love for Mughal-era Sanskrit literature kept me in a surprising shock for a few minutes. All those (you know who) who kept abusing Sanskrit for being religious, Brahminical and Hindu have suddenly found themselves having some admiration for Sanskrit literature (secretly). However, it is no secret that anything that has Mughal attached to it, either before or after, finds admirers and gaga-singers in certain people. And that is why Sanskrit literature – of the Mughal era – has suddenly put a few people on their torturous bed that lulls none to sleep as the Government has finally planned to emancipate the education system of the tyrannical history of the invaders who thought of nothing but to ‘deal’ with the Kafis and be proud of it.

A certain journalist has written a piece for a certain publication, praising the Sanskrit literature (that, in turn, praised the Mughal invaders sitting on a throne in Delhi). However, this certain journalist forgot to mention that during the same Mughal era, there happened to be a certain Auranghzeb who massacred Hindus like carrots, literally! Well, how do we know all this? Because nobody could whitewash the sins and inhuman brutality from the history of India despite their toiling days and nights wasted in defending the atrocities by these barbaric invaders, and monkey-balancing three temples here and there for a planned annihilation of the entire culture and a country’s soul!

Tulsidas, the devotee of Sri Rama and the poet who brought Ram’s character to every Hindu household in trying times when Hindus had to pay tax to be Hindus and practice their religion was the poet who denied Akbar’s advances and bowed only to the King he worshipped – Rama himself! And that might be the reason that this great poet, who also wrote many poems in Sanskrit, could not make it to the list of this certain journalist who compiled a list of three-four Darbaari poets! I am sure the hatred for Sanskrit and Sanskrit literature must be perennial on the inside. However, just because a few poets appreciated their patrons in an era, the ‘journalist’ cannot lose any opportunity to shower love on a certain section of history!

I will not name the journalist and neither the publication. Anyone who searches for these keywords may find it comfortably. All the best with your readings! And how do I know these things? Well, many documented the dark side of certain ‘kings’ who massacred and strangled an entire civilisation as if it was their ‘job’. I am glad that the inhuman phase is out of the books…

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  1. Love the way you have exposed liberals… nicely worded satire with knowledge of the subject as well.

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