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Rahul Gandhi seems to be in the real jolly mood these days. Once he announced in a rally that RSS (Rashtriya Swanysewak Sangh), the organisation is guilty of the assassination of Bapu, Mahatma Gandhi. However, when confronted by the law, he seemed to be in a mode of denial. Rahul Gandhi’s ‘learned advocate’ Kapil Sibbal openly declared to the press that Rahul never said that RSS is guilty. It’s clear to the country that Rahul backed off! That day’s argument was – some people from RSS were behind the assassination of Gandhi.

What I found today in the newspaper tells another version. Rahul Gandhi said (to the press and the country) in his tweet:

“I will never stop fighting the hateful and divisive agenda of RSS. I stand by every single word I said.”

The question arises, if Rahul is backing his arguments still, why did Kapil Sibbal come to the public with another version of the statement in the press? Is Congress scared that Rahul might be behind the bars? Is Congress living a life of duplicity?

The role of RSS, as far as it’s concerned, cannot be unequivocally brought out. There are many versions of the history and we cannot take letters as the authentic proofs to establish something serious. The gone people said something in one letter and ‘things some’ in another and the series goes on… Yes, Nathuram Godse was surely inspired by the hardcore Hindu ideologies. However, then, one might surely question: what was the ideology that inspired the massacre after the ‘big tree fall’ in 1984?

The major problem with RSS is that they cannot convey even their good works to the public on large. Being the parent organisation of BJP, RSS is always on the target of political parties. Thus, even a leaf’s slide becomes the issue and their appreciable works remain behind the scenes! Gandhi’s assassination had nothing to do with RSS, some reports convey this message as well. Nevertheless, Nehru was entirely against the RSS is a known fact. Thus, the stand of Congress against the RSS is justified as far as their ideology is concerned. Parties like Nitish Kumar’s, however, are highly hypocritical in the terms of RSS’s concern. Now Nitish wants Sangh Mukt Bharat and perhaps he was with some ‘borrowed ideologies’ for almost 17 years when in power with BJP and enjoying the ‘satta’. As soon as the JDU sought its political asylum in Lalu, RSS suddenly became venomous! Wah re politics!

Whatever be the case, RSS has always been the epicentre of Indian politics and no one can deny this fact! Let’s see this Rahul vs RSS episode if it brings something new in the ever-old bottle called Indian Politics!

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