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I will begin with a short story, which is, by the way, real short!
There was a man. He had a wife and two daughters. Everyone in the family was working except the man himself. The total monthly income of the family was 3.6 lacs Indian rupees. The monthly budget was taken care by the man in spite he was not working himself. Have a look at the budget for July 2016:

15,000: My Rosso Brunello shoes (DaMilano’s)
30,000: My Kenneth Cole leather messenger bag
1,50,000: My Rado watch (Integral)
35,000: My Gucci Shirt
45,687: House Loan EMI
30,000: My MoneyBack Policy Premium
Remaining: Household expenses for a month
* My indicates that man’s

What will you do with this man? Will you ever want this person to manage the budget for next month? Won’t your blood boil seeing this man getting luxuries for ‘himself’ with the hard-earned cash of the family members?

The dear Delhi people, do something of this egoistic person Kejriwal! He isn’t doing any good with yours, the taxpayer’s money in Delhi. Since I am out of Delhi for 2 and a half month now, I am not sure what kind of hoardings you must be seeing on the road; metro stations, bus stops, schools, colleges or any possible spaces (who knows what this man can do?). However, I am pretty sure that there must be one thing common – Kejri’s face and that AAP ki Sarkar slogan.

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has ‘pulled & twisted’ the ears of Arvind Kejriwal over the overuse of public funds on the personal branding of himself and his party AAP. Also, the CAG has been furious over the use of his image and the party slogan on the public advertisements. An interesting fact that the CAG has stated in its report is that Kejriwal sarkar is directly confronting the decision of Supreme Court and doing ‘everything’ possible to show his defiant attitude. For example, the expenditure on advertisements related to women safety in Delhi has only been used to flash the posters which criticise either the Central Government or the Delhi police or both of them.

You will be surprised to know that the cost of Delhi government’s advertisement, which has unfortunately been used entirely in an unfair manner, has been almost 114.21 crores for the year 2015-16. You will be even more surprised to know that the Directorate of Information and Publicity (known as DIP) budget allocated for the year 2014-15 was 11.12 crores only! Why this ten-fold hike was needed, Mr. Kejriwal? Is this what you say as being a ‘aap ki sarkar’?

The most interesting and cheap thing about this Delhi government is that their leader, the Kejriwal-named-smug, who once advocated for the RTI and transparency in the governance, does not bother to reply to the RTIs which inquire about the expenditure of government in Delhi over their advertisements in TV, radio and newspapers! It’s amazing, isn’t it, Delhi people?

Kudos that Delhi’s population has chosen a ‘leadless’ leader for them who is still in a dilemma which way to go! He wakes up with the Modi-chant on twitter and sleeps with the same, as is apparent! In the terms of governance, there is only hue and cry for the things which are being blocked by the center; come on man! Can you do the things which are in your hands? And if ‘nothing’ is in your hand, why did you delude the Delhi public that you will just change everything overnight?

If we consider the record and historical Delhi verdict as a test, then, unfortunately, now that 35% of paper has been written already, the score of Kejri is still ZERO!

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