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Once again I am compelled to start this discourse by saying that Manmohan Singh was certainly not an ‘honest’ man. He was surely involved ‘directly or indirectly,’ and ‘consciously’ (because there is no question of unconsciously once you are the prime minister of a country as important as India) in the activities that were against the integrity of the nation and against the nation. Saffron terrorism… well, I came to hear this phrase from a young girl in a seminar as well. In the leisure, all the participants of that seminar had a freestyle debate and I rebutted her arguments. My stand on saffron terrorism was clear since the time it was ‘constructed’ with a sheer political agenda (or God knows if it was more than that, some Italian agenda). There is nothing like ‘this thing’ and today, Mr. Raghuvansi has clarified it as well. Nevertheless, he was a little ambiguous, remember it.

The way, rather an abrupt way, all the incidents took place and the decisions taken by the then UPA government, undoubtedly led by Sonia Gandhi, explicitly reflects the craftsmanship of doing something innovative. Ministers in the Congress regime seemed in a haste to coin the newly ‘Columbused’ phrase – Saffron Terror or Hindu Atankwad. To make the events suit their political narrative, they ignored all the links to LeT, JeM and Pakistan pushed terrorism. They had to unfold a new story to the people of India – see, Hindus can also be terrorists. And they did it. Based on scanty ‘confessions,’ they cooked up their biryani of Abhinav Bharat and framed charges against persons belonging to right-wing Hindu institutions.

Nevertheless, there were some people like Himani Savarkar who came to the fore to admit that there was a need of replying the Islamic terror – ‘blast for blast’. Thus, the small and scattered evidences (largely manufactured) only strengthened the cause of UPA government. They ignored the probes of ATS & CBI; constituted their NIA and had all the privilege to drive the investigation according to their will.

The question that strikes the minds of everyone who is curious to know – why did Congress need to defend Pakistan? Is political rivalry with BJP more important than the national security? Are the in politics to fight with BJP or in the government to secure the safety of the country and its citizen? There are tough questions that need to be asked to the Congress president Sonia Gandhi, VP Rahul Gandhi and all those who were eager to jump-use the phrase Bhagwa atank.

The broader fear is – and it is the same that I addressed during that debate with my co-competitors in Lucknow – if there is no Saffron terrorism, it’d happen to ‘exist’ if you keep your allegations coming without a valid proof. The country should be ‘secular’ if it is meant to be secular, and no secularism gives you the right to bully the people who form the majority. Some persons in the journalism and some great figures in politics and some activists are constantly brush-shinning a stone that is meant to be black! Do you remember the case of Kolkata nun rape? The entire media brigade was in a constant temper against ‘hindu intolerance’ and when it came out to be something that did not suit their propaganda, they did not even bother to ask for an apology.

The need is only one: can we let India be as it is since the time we were undiscovered? We were peace-loving people who believed in an all-inclusive way of living. We should focus on what we can achieve together rather than what consequences we can bring individually. Such a shameful compromise in the terms of national security was not expected from a party who always boasts of their ‘freedom struggle’. But now, will this government mend the things right? Will Narendra Modi ensure that Hindu right wing does not things unacceptable? Will we, as Indians, ask ourselves before believing the media and social media hoax? Many questions, dear people, many questions are there. It does not matter as long as we all answer the same words – India FIRST!

Bharat Mata ki Jai

Jay Hind

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