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“I will come tomorrow to investigate the murder that I have done right now.” An ungentleman said to the family of the deceased person and went away with a wry smile on his face. The current probe team of ISI which has come to India to investigate the Pathankot terror attack seems to be fitting in the circumference of the above remark. Several media houses have reported the story and a person with common sense can figure it out himself that what’s happening around him. We have already seen the blood-red hands of ISI in the terror attack at Mumbai Taj Hotel and several other incidents in India. Can we trust the team (called JIT) that will carry out the probe for Pathankot attack?

The Pakistan Joint Investigation Team had a meeting today with the officials of NIA. Whatever was discussed in the meeting owes lesser importance to me as the cat watching the milk pot is the current situation. Yes, on the diplomatic ground, one might stand that let it be the new beginning to a mutually helpful fight against terrorism. However, my stand is clear that it is the classic case of a greedy man defending the money of a bank in the night!

As per the reports, the JIT that arrived on Sunday will be taken to the site of the attack on Tuesday, that is tomorrow. Manohar Parrikar, the defence minister of India, has clarified that the team will have a limited access to the area of investigation. Parrikar told to the PTI that the JIT has been specially denied the liberty to go anywhere in the Pathankot airbase. They will gain access only to the place where the attack took place.

To me, it’s a candyfloss diplomacy that will yield no result at all! The thief cannot find out the thief and a killer cannot hang himself! ISI will have to introspect as well as the govt. of India has much to think. Questions will be asked, no doubt!

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