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If you follow social media dearly, you must have come across a video from the Kashmir region, India in which a young girl is pleading with Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister for a good school building, benches and desks. And as it often happens, the Indian PM listened to the plea of his young admirer and a student. And now, the renovation and construction work at the concerned school is taking place. However, there is a catch to this episode. It may seem natural from the outside, but you need to look carefully. The Aam Aadmi Party, led by the default party leader Aravind Kejriwal, jumped into the episode by blaming the PM in a bizarre but ongoing ‘degree controversy which does not exist. The universities from where Narendra Modi got his degrees have already clarified and exhibited proof that the current Indian PM has his BA and MA degrees. However, in a repeated set of actions, the party with many of its ministers in jail for corruption and other charges are behind PM Modi’s degrees. Here is how the event unfolded:

First of all, this wonderful kid requested Narendra Modi for the school building and other facilities. She showed around the school and a building (seemingly under construction) to the PM and requested him many times to get the building constructed so that the students may not have to sit on the floor anymore. It was a request, one of the many requests that eventually the popular prime minister paid heed to and got the request fulfilled. However, in all this exchange of thoughts and requests and fulfilled promises, the AAP jumped in with the degree jibe. And it is important to note that the party and its leader have been pulled many times for the jibe. And latest, a new case is ongoing in a court in Gujarat.

This is what the Kejri-led party wrote on Twitter, quoting the News-24 Tweet. However, people were quick to show the mirror to the tainted party and there were many hilarious reactions to the vague claim by a party which has not been successful in building any new school in New Delhi (disclosed in a response to an RTI). Many users wrote many things. Here are some of the most funny responses to this claim by the AAP twitter profile:



However, after her words were heard and the school renovation work started at speed, here is what the school kid herself had to say. She thanked PM Modi:


In the past, NaMo had heard the requests of many kids from different parts of the country.


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