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No one can imagine how much troubled I was seeing that sad face of Messi, dejected and bursting to tears after the loss in Copa America final. He did everything he could do but unfortunately, missed the penalty (as he often misses it) and the loss was there. Realizing that none other but he will be the butt of satire, Lionel Messi announced his retirement in a hurry. And amid some sounds of criticism, Messi was successful in winning the sympathy and support of legends as well as contemporary players. I was awe-struck and just prayed that he gets back in the international football team because without Messi, the Argentine team is just lacking that ‘sharp tooth’!

Somehow, the things remained. Even the president of Argentina had to attempt to coax Messi to take back his retirement! Such is the worth of this player, perhaps on of his league, on the planet earth! Maradona also, in spite of all his previous records, tried to persuade Messi. (Though we all know how he took a U-turn when Messi announced to come back for the nation.) Ultimately, when the Argentine national football team coach reached Barcelona and approached Messi, things came to life for the football fans! MESSI IS BACK!

And cometh the moment, cometh the legend – Messi! Messi was there today to rescue the Argentina team against Uruguay. His beautiful goal in the 43rd minute of the game remained the only goal scored during the entire minutes of the game. Not only Messi has just come back for the team but also proved why he is kind of leader they need. What a talent this person is!

You can criticize him as much as you want; Maradona can bash him with or without valid reasons; Ronaldo fans can abuse him for nothing, but be aware – there is and there will always be – ONE AND ONLY MESSI! He is a kind of player who are born rarely and fortunately, this phenomenon has already occurred and we have our little magician running on the 90 yards ground and mesmerizing us with the magic of his feet!

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