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I hope you have enjoyed the story of that pathetic old man who didn’t work but enjoyed luxuries on the income of his wife and daughter. Today, I have heard another great story – why does anyone want to be a minister? Well, if you ask this question to the former “Minister for Women and Child development, Social Welfare, SC/ST Govt. of NCT of Delhi. MLA from Sultanpur Mazra” you will probably get a reply which will be something like:

‘Once you become a minister, you have access to position and position brings power and power brings sexual favours; so, it’s a simple mathematics young men; work hard; ride a running horse; become a politician by fooling the voters; become a minister and you can fulfil your sexual fantasies! As simple as that!’

Is this the much-hyped model of government that Arvind Kejriwal has promised to the voters of Delhi who gave him a historic mandate? A few days ago, the CAG has blasted Delhi government for overspending on the personal propagandas of the CM and now this Sex-CD scandal has hit Kejriwal and AAP on the jaws! I am just waiting with calm head what comes out next – maybe a Modi conspiracy that BJP somehow coaxed the women to go and be caught in compromising position with Sandeep Kumar or as the senior AAP supporter Saba Naqvi suggested tonight on a news channel – it might well be a sexual act by consent! Bravo! Sexual act with two women (being a married man) at the same time is something really impressing and then, I think, Kejriwal must compliment him instead of sacking him from the cabinet. After all, according to Saba’s theory, there must be no public debates on the personal life of a public figure. You know, this is the problem that often hits when Saba does not get her usual brief from the AAP offices in Delhi before coming on Times Now and facing Arnab Goswami.

Well, rubbing the board again white, Sandeep Kumar has been sacked in the same fashion of Kejriwal on twitter. Sisodia has come to the press and read his soliloquy and didn’t dare to take a single question. Many questions are there in the mind of people in Delhi, in the country and also in the world (after all, NY times, at rare times, lauds Kejri’s efforts). I have also reports that Kejriwal knew this thing beforehand and he knew that Sandeep has been misusing his position to exploit the helpless women sexually. Where were his guts of being a different party and different leader? Only when he feared that matter is going to toss in the public domain, under massive pressure, he played the ‘zero tolerance’ card.

It’d be interesting to follow as the story develops! Chaliye dekhte hain kya kya karname or lilayen hoti hain aam aadmi party ke khas netaon ke avtaron ke hathon!

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