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Go India Go! Today, we are going to a war which is ‘do or die’! To keep our ship afloat en route the World Cup t20, India must win the match against Australia today. The wizards of Oz are strong, passionate and undoubtedly a tough side. However, India is TOUGHER; India is charged; India is prone to winning the competitions as heart-stopping as we have seen against the Bangladesh 4 days ago. Australia has a strong and balanced team; India has the world’s COOLEST Captain – the powerful and calm M S D!

Key players to watch:

Virat Kohli: Who can think about others when we talk about Indian batting? Virat is here for us. He has helped us winning against our arch-rival Pakistan. He has always helped us when we are chasing. Virat has emerged as a viral cricket fever that is affecting the world these days…

Watto: Don’t forget Shane Watson! He can damage any bowling attack as well as he can thrash any batting with his bowling as well. Shane Watson will be a key player to watch from the Oz’s side.


The COLD war: Do you know that India has accepted the age-old tradition of the cold war on field these days? Still wondering? Watch the captain cool M S Dhoni on the field and you will understand what I am talking about. MSD is the calmest captain I have ever seen ever, for India as well as for any other team! How calmly he can use his weapons and how effectively, is a treat to watch! You will have to give the credit of win against the underdogs Bangladesh to Dhoni only. The way he handled the team in the last moments was incredible.

Will Gabbar roar? This is the question that most of the Indians are asking today… Gabbar has not been at his best these days. Once he roars, the opponents have nothing to defend! He can access any target, any time and on any ground.

Shall India win? Bhai aur kya ho sakta hai? India hi jitegi! India India!

All the best team India!

All the best MSD!

Get India to the semis and get the cup!

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