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Afghanistan qualified to play the 20-20 Cricket World Cup. They played in Group A and showed the world what courage is all about. A country ravaged by internal rife, political struggle, religious fundamentalism, poverty, economic struggle, Taliban, the exodus of population, and violation of human rights is another name for our troubled neighbours Afghanistan.

Where tourists are threatened to visit the above-mentioned country- insecure for their lives; where citizens worry what their next day would be like, whether they would live another one to smile, a team of young Afghans under the able guidance of their captain Mohammad Nabi and with the supervision of Pakistan Cricket legend Inzamam-ul-Haq has set a benchmark of peace and fortitude in the past weeks.

They made the lives of cricket legends Sri Lanka, England and South Africa miserable. Although they didn’t win, they came under the international spotlight for their talent and grit. With a convincing win against West Indies today (27 March. 2016), Afghanistan has proved their worth and have earned international respect.

What stands out is not only their ability but how they have withstood the pressures of a falling nation, how they have overcome all ordeals to bring in glory to a war-ravaged country. What Monica Seles did for Serbia and what Goran Ivanisevic and the Football team did for Croatia is what Afghanistan Cricket team has done for their country.

Even in the worst of all situations, there is hope. Even when a personal world is falling apart, patriotism can inspire a transformation. Let us celebrate the glory of personal conviction, of the right to dream, of the courage to win against all odds with the win that Afghanistan wove today. The team stood up for peace. The team stood up for humanity. It’s time we raise a toast to these craftsmen of harmony. Hail Afghanistan!

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