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Virat Win! We have won the match last night against Australia. We booked a birth in the semifinals and also furthered one step close to the t20 World Cup. Like we have already reported yesterday, Australia was a tough side to beat. We also told you that we, the India, are a TOUGHER side to beat anyone in the world (may come anything)! Honestly, I am a cricketer and cricket fan of the Sachin Tendulkar or the GOD era. However, seeing Virat Kohli winning matches for India these days (and when not?), I am admitting today that he will surely fill the void we had after Sachin’s retirement. Nevertheless, who am I, when the ‘GOD’ himself is congratulating the feats of Kohli:


I still remember those matches against Bangladesh when Kohli had his initial one-day centuries. I told my younger brother Virat is going to be the next big thing. And he kept my words with his unmatchable talent and excellent execution. Team India has been riding the wonder ride for some years now. When it comes of chasing, give him anything and he is on! Yes, I concur with the image that I saw yesterday on twitter; Virat has become the Superman who always comes to India’s rescue on the field.

The match last night was undoubtedly the one-man show from India’s side. As usual, Raina, Dhawan & Rohit were in a hurry to return to the dressing room and watch Virat bat for their victory. Virat managed his inning very perfectly – with a blend of sensible batting and needed aggression. Oh! Shouldn’t I say that I have become your great fan, Virat? And not only me, younger brother also told me in the morning that yes, Kohli is a true batsman. OZs must have learnt a lesson yesterday. However, there is also a lesson for us – the spectators. Befriend with Kohli and rest assured for the world cup this time. Dhoni is always there for the winning shot and rest of the batsmen in top order will always be in the dressing room to clap, whistle and shout.

Let us have a look at some great words of appreciation for the stylish batsman of our team:







Virat Kohli, you won it for us! Thank you so much!

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