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For many years, I have been listening to the pros and cons of FDI. Though still in a quandary, recent events in our country have successfully coaxed my mind to believe that we do need FDI at least in once sector – patriotism! Do I sound ridiculous? Might you think so, freedom of thinking; I can say so – freedom of expression.

Okay, jokes apart. Let’s have a serious debate now. Now, that the videos of JNU antinational event are authentic, my case automatically becomes valid and reasonable. There are people in our country who have problems with our tricolour. This section also has problems with Bharat Mata. They can’t stop only there; they also have problems with the integrity of our nation. They shout ‘Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi jung rahegi’. They chant ‘Bharat tere tukde honge insha allah insha allah’. They call our army personnel names; they abuse their devotion towards the nation. Don’t you think, for these people, a little bit of foreign direct investment (FDI) in patriotism will be beneficial?

I remember watching the series of movies under the title Lethal Weapon. Mel Gibson, the Braveheart fame, was the lead star in this movie. If you remember his small cabin where he used to live, you should also remember the American national flag at every possible place – near the bed, on the dining table, at the door of the bathroom etc. Should we open the doors for FDI in flag patriotism? Because in India, people like Sagarika Ghosh, who tweet – jhanda ya danda, need ‘foreign motivation’ to believe things. They do have problems with ‘make in India’ and the ‘made in India’.

Coming down the heirarchy, we have students like Kanhaiya and Khalid who can put the pride of the nation at the stake for ‘political motifs’. They can see the jawans raping women but don’t have the eyes to see the Lance Nayak who dies safeguarding the borders of our country. They have the guts to everything bad about the military, the country’s integrity and the PM of India (PM, they can say). Why can’t they do so? After all, their political guru is none other than the ‘epitome or corruption Sri Sri Lalu Yadav Ji.

Going up the hierarchy, we have leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyar who can go to Pakistan and beg the politicians there to help him and dethrone the ‘democratically elected PM’ of India. Now, should they not learn from the ‘free spirit debate culture’ during the US Presidential elections? I do think they need. They need to learn how to solve the political rifts within the boundaries of the nation. Or tell me if somebody has seen Hillary Clinton going to meet Putin and presenting a baby cry against Obama!

Now, I do have some questions for the PM of India who is quite serious about boosting the economy of India via FDI. We have allowed FDI in defence; in e-Commerce; in aviation sector; in railways and in many other sectors. Why not try an experiment and allow some investment in Patriotism? I can see, being prudent, we will have a boost. When we become patriotic, we will think good for India; eventually, we will do good for India; logically, India will get better day by day!

So, before our finance minister thinks on this subject, let me tell you some of the most patriotic nations in the world from where you can expect the FDI in patriotism – Thailand is the most patriotic country. Number two belongs to China and number three remains with the US. At the fourth pedestal, we have England. All these nations are the good friends of Modi Ji, fortunately. Let’s get ready for this revolutionary FDI!

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