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Degree or No Degree?
It happened a while back, but I needed to get a concrete answer through the newspapers and the news channels before I eloquently addressed my concerns. The matter is huge because it pertains to the prime leader of the country, respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

When Kejriwal who actually knows everything about nothing, questioned the relevance and originality of the PMO’s degree, I was flabbergasted. Now, why do I say he knows all about zilch is because he comes out with the most irrational issues to divert the attention of the country and especially the youth. Why does he not address the issue of the spectators defacing historical monuments, the spectre of Delhi instead, for example? And my second statement says that I was flabbergasted. The reason I was embarrassed beyond the spectrum of facial colours that probably settled on a purple-ish tinge thanks to the fury of the mind and the angry blood that coursed through the reasonable me. In a country where there are several issues of security apart from social and economic ones, a waste of time question arose questioning the integrity of PMO’s educational degree!

There are several self-taught people around the world who make it big like the great Indian Mathematician, Ramanujam. Then there are people like Bill Gates- a high school dropout who makes a major impact on the social and technological aspects of the whole world, daily. I bet no one in the United States of Ameria wasted public time by discussing the great American President, Abraham Lincon’s educational qualification who was self-taught. He did great things to make America great. He was an avid reader. He learned and absorbed from whatever source of learning he had available. He did a Ph.D. on life, a greater feat than some politicians whose extraordinary education, amazing results in competitive exams all go down the drain of egotistical confusions.

Finally, the registrar of DU confirmed that PMO’s Bachelor’s Degree was actually his. Eureka! May Kejriwal and supporters (who wasted our time for days) run around apple trees shouting Eureka! As they don’t grow in Delhi, Kejriwal now has a new issue he can take up with nature for not giving Delhi a Kashmir like climate!

If Mr. Modi had stupendous public support to lead the nation as a Prime Minister of India, he meets overwhelming opposition from selfish politicians who consider their own well-being over the well-being of their nation. They are so scared of our loved PMO’s return in the next elections, that they’d rather harm the nation to keep their selfish careers afloat. It is also our duty as the conscious citizens to identify the gimmickry of the anti -national, narrow politicians. We have to openly discourage such jibberish of the politicians. We have to stand by the Prime Minister we chose to lead us. The man is gaining support throughout the world. Why then we Indians are blind to them? Why do we subject him to such baseless accusations? Why is his degree so important- when the man has proved his worth several times by his actions?

You allow the Buddha in you to shine through even when the world stands against you. Mr. PMO we know you are a Rockstar!

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