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I don’t know how the people know me; in fact, I don’t want to know it at all! I don’t want to be a nuisance for someone who takes the form of an obstacle into someone’s way to success. As far as I want to be, I always wanted to be and if in future I’d want – it’d be a supporting actor who makes the way for the ‘lead’ actor to complete the major works. I don’t want, however, anything relating to ‘someone’ in particular… these days! I kept myself oblivious of this ‘someone’ as long as I could after being pinned down once – but human emotions are more powerful them mere human wills!

The times when you don’t want to share a part of your soul with the world come but come rarely in life and I think this is the same period of life for my share at present. I want to be the loner who keeps staring at the world of waves in the ocean alone, sitting on the shore and waiting to be drowned in the deluge of feelings.

When the past comes encroaching to intimidate my future, slay my present and take all away what is there with me – what can I do? Should I be submissive and give in or should I be stubborn that I use to be and stand in the storm, how powerful it might be? There are questions that are out of the domain of answers but I need to create an entirely new domain of the answers which is Invictus of questions.

Let me face it alone – for I have invoked all these questions upon me with my deliberate efforts. I don’t want you to be a part of this suffering and atonement. The path is untrodden and it’d only allow two footprints to fall. Why do you let yourself in? Go away and enjoy what you have for my journey is for what I never want to have but to follow them has become my destiny and I need to…

“Ah! you, the glorious life
for all the glories you flaunt,
my sorrows are the answer
to show how feeble you are really!”

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