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GST is an important bill and it should pass!

I will be in front of my LED TV Screen today watching… guess… no, I am not a big fan of cinema and no matches from EPL or La Liga will take place when there is daylight in India. So, what would I be watching then? It’d be Rajya Sabha proceedings that I watch daily. However, today, with a new ardour I will spend those hours. Rajya Sabha will take into consideration the Goods and Service Tax bill today, which you and I know as the GST bill popularly. GST is important for us – whether some of us are sellers; some of us are raw material suppliers; some of us are market giants and most of us are the BUYERS. Lesser the taxes are, lesser will the load on the pockets of the consumers! Isn’t GST a very good thing to happen to us if it actually happens today?

Let us have our eyes set on those benches of Rajya Sabha from where we get a lot of noises during the proceedings. We have to observe carefully when the session starts. Let us see if the Congress, which was surprisingly the biological mother of GST, again stands as the biggest obstacle in the way of this bill becoming the official legislation for the Indians. Yes, I would be termed a Bhakt if I don’t mention that BJP was opposing the GST bill when they were in opposition. I find myself in a great sense of wonder when I realize that opposition in the Indian politics is to ‘oppose’ for the sake to ‘oppose’ only. Can there ever be a constructive path of politics in India? I dream…

Sachin Tendulkar, the great God of Indian and the world cricket, has also shown his solidarity with the GST bill on twitter. Now, when he has come in support of the bill, some of the supporters of political parties other than the BJP have shown no delay in tagging the legend little master as a ‘Bhakt’ and ‘Sanghi’. However, is supporting a bill which is good for the country equal to be called a Sanghi? These are the questions which will only be answered when we go through the dictionary of the philosophy of which, the major editorial task has been done by some of the great journalists and politicians of this great country India!

Right now, please move to your TV rooms and just stick your eyes on the screen. It will start – with usual shouts and blames – your favourite reality show, if you can say, which is genuine and not scripted and is real in real terms!

GST bill, please be Good to the Service of Indians and please get yourself to the goal post somehow! Be ready for the Goods and Service tax today!

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