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An under-construction flyover in the busy Burrabazar area crumbled within seconds without giving people slightest hint to react. Around 24 people until now have been confirmed dead and over 80 people badly injured. Search operations are still on for bypassers still feared to be trapped under debris. According to witnesses, on 31 March, around 12:10 p.m. there appeared a booming sound, after which the whole structure tottered and collapsed, leaving dust everywhere. Several pedestrians, including cars, buses, cabs, trucks were instantly squashed under the mound of concrete and iron girders. Cutters had to be employed to dig out those trapped under the rubble and mangled vehicles. The army and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel were immediately sent to the spot for search and rescue operations. They have been working overnight to seek and relieve victims. The Chief Minister, Mamta Bannerjee expressed her first-hand concern for those feared trapped and required to be rescued. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently in Washington for a Nuclear Security Summit immediately called the Chief Minister of Bengal, assuring all possible aid and support.

IVRCL, the Hyderabad based company and its officials responsible for the construction of the flyover now faces probe and arrest. Heart-rending scenes were observed by onlookers, as relatives of victims some with print outs of their dear ones desperately quizzed rescue workers in search of hope.

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