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Google has received probably the biggest April fool of its life instead of making others the victim of a gag. Early morning, when I opened up my gmail, I was surprised to see the yellow button just beside the conventional send button. Surely, it will entice anyone in the mail creation window to know more about that extra thing or the unusual thing. Knowing more about that will attract you even more as it contains the neighbourhood face of the minion. ‘Send & mic drop’ as the function said, and fortunately, I had the chance to receive such a mail this morning from one of my friends – Kapil.

What did this function do?
The ‘send and mic drop’ feature was allowing you to send a mail to anyone and ‘pull off’ of that conversation. It was just like saying something to someone and hiding beside the tree… In simple terms, you would not receive the replies in your inbox in the thread where you had sent through the mic drop yellow button. Did you use the mic drop by google this morning?

Where is minion now?
Sorry, but google got a number of complaints from the Gmail users about that minion feature. Thus, the thing that had to be taken as a light joke by the Gmail team turned out to be ‘something’ that was used to make ‘fun’ of google. Later, the official google blog, the company admitted that this light joke created ‘more headaches than laughs’.

How was your April fool’s day?
We had a good one. Google had a good one. How was your April fool’s day? Did you make fun of someone?

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