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Do you remember a scene: this is Braziiiil!
Something of the same script is perhaps being enacted in Bihar these days. Began with the bail granted to Shahabuddin, Bihar has taken a new course in the terms of law and order these days. Rajballabh, Rocky Yadav, his allies and many other notorious criminals are coming out of the jail (amusing enough – on bail).

Bihar, since the moment Nitish Kumar married to Lalu’s corruption and ideologies in the ‘lust for power’ was destined to change its route. We are witnessing the same, at present, if you see the sequence of events closely. Lalu’s sons came in the cabinet in spite of being just another Lalus (in the terms of experience and potential to lead the state). Murders, rapes, abductions and then bails to the highly convicted criminals! What else are we expecting to witness in Bihar?

Like some retard defence lawyers, even the so-called intellectual leaders of JDU like Mr. Pavan Verma also come to the channels and defend the state government on the grounds that ‘all of these are legal procedures’! JDU, RJD, Nitish and these ‘defence lawyers’ must understand that the people of Bihar (except those who are the blind voters and would vote ‘their caste’ may break the hell) are not fool enough to be fooled by these ‘dalils’.

The recent bail to Rocky Yadav, the convict and the murderer of the road rage case in Gaya is no less than the last nail in the coffin of the ‘law and order’ in Bihar. Those who are murderers, rapists of minor girls, kidnappers will all walk free on the road and roam around looking for another crime; you can imagine what the commoners will go through!

Remarkably enough, Mr. Nitish Kumar is silent on all these things going on. Is he succumbing to Lalu’s pressure? Are these things signs of the decaying shashan in Bihar and emergance of a new jungleraj? Let’s be ready to face more of these ‘expected scipt’ in Bihar!

Still, I don’t endorse the statement made of Katju!

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