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While we daily listen to the arguments consisting of ‘logic’ and ‘science’ and sometimes might be ‘technology’ too, there are some persons belonging to the same science and logic fraternity and guiding our way back to the treasure we have had in our glorious past. Dr. Tushar Dashora, one of the league, a well-known pediatrician from Jaipur, has written a book – Spiritual Secrets of Pregnancy and Childbirth. This book is a remarkable one and it tells us about the spiritual, karmik and Godly connections to the ‘science’ of pregnancy and childbirth.

When I talked to him about his book and why did he choose to write such a subject when he belongs to a family which strongly believes in practice of ’causes’, he had good replies to offer. You can read my interview with Dr. Tushar Dashora here: Interview with Dr. Tushar Dashora

In his book, Tushar, who is also a very good poet in Hindi, has almost presented a guide in front of the women who are expecting as well as the concerned people who want to know the spiritual science behind the ‘biological’ event. He has written about the dreams during the pregnancy and also explained them very well. Tushar has also mentioned what should be the mantras that might be chanted by the pregnant women and much more. Not only that, with the mantras, he has also mentioned the correct methods to chant them.

Another very important part of the book’s bright side is that you can just go through it from anywhere (and I mean it). You can read this book by starting with any chapter. You don’t need to be in a succession… Just pick any chapter you like and start reading the good content in the book. Stuffed with poems from great poets like Khalil Gibran and some texts from the ancient mythological compositions of our country, Tushar has made this book a family reading! Anyone can enjoy the book likewise as the women who are ready to be mothers.

You can know more about Tushar’s inspiration behind writing this book and many other interesting stuff by reading the interview with Dr. Tushar Dashora.

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