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Nitish Kumar has faced several blows on the chin, recent developments in the politics, as well as the state affairs, indicate so, at least. Today only, the Patna High Court has termed the liquor ban in Bihar, a law passed by the Nitish-led Bihar Government, illegal. It is seen as the major political blow to Nitish Kumar as he has always been vouching for his booze ban move.

From the beginning, we have maintained that it was mere insanity on the part of Nitish Kumar to enforce such headless law where the entire male fraternity of the family would land in jail if a bottle is found in the house! What is this? We have already witnessed several suicides, several imprisonment terms, several false allegations and framings, several political leaders being caught with liquor and still, the law was taking its course. However, the Patna High Court has today given a decisive judgment.

It was quite surprising that Nitish Kumar, who has maintained a holistic stand on the issue of beef ban, saying that the government has not the right to decide what one shall eat, enforced a law saying that you cannot consume alcohol! It was seen as a hypocrisy on the part of the future PM aspirant. In spite of several criticisms, Nitish did not listen to any of them and kept ranting his success with the booze ban and also kept tossing challenges to other states to enact such laws.

However, as we all know, every honeymoon comes to an end and tastes the realities of marriage. The honeymoon period for Mr. Nitish has come to an end with the judgement of the Patna High court on the liquor ban law. We have to wait and watch if the Government decides to challenge the judgment in the Supreme Court.

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