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‘Significant causalities’ are the price that Pakistan and Pakistani terrorists had to pay for conducting the cowardly terror attack in Uri. There is a limit to tolerance and at times one has to be intolerant to stay tolerant further! We have been tested several times by Pakistan in the recent time and this time, there was the right time for #PayBack or #BackLash. And we have finally done it! I am so proud to write about this story. India has destroyed the terror camps located on the Pakistani soil across the line of control.

The operation by our brave Indian army soldiers took place in the course of the night and we BRAVELY killed and destroyed the terrorists who were collecting to further bleed India and Indians. Just in the report on Times Now confirms that there were 8 surgical strikes by the ground troops of Indian Army. Shockingly, the Pakistani army came to defend the terrorists and have been KILLED. As per the reports, there have been no any casualties in the strike. We were the VICTORS!

Pakistan has only one option left now – either support us in destroying the terror camps on your soil or come defend them and we will KILL you! Political cacophony has just died and people will be forced to speak in the national colour who were being peace-keepers for the terror.

At last, the credit goes to our brave Indian Army and also our Prime Minister Narendra Modi! He is the leader in the true sense and we have all witnessed it just now. He is BRAVE and so our Indian Army.

More will be coming soon. We will keep following the story whole day.

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