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MA 1st and 3rd semester students of MAGADH UNIVERSITY are left to feel themselves much like Alice in the Wonderland. No, before you think they have read the novel or watched the movie and have been bewildered, they have their reasons. Magath University, the university that has been ranked a NAAC ‘C’ Grade, has not the facilities like drama societies and novel reading clubs. Unfortunately, every now and then, it seems justifying the ‘C’ grade tag. Since the year it has enforced semester system for the post-graduation students, the university has become almost a butt of satire. It has failed to take the examinations on time, not one or two or three times, but every time! There are four semesters in two years and the semester exams need to be held at the end of every six months. Unfortunately, the students are left bewildered. They have now spent almost a year (July – now) but there is not any sign of examinations. No professional executive and the directors of the university are able to convince the concerns of the students. Ten days ago, a strong protest has taken place in the university but the controller of examination was unable to give any explanation. Students are furious towards the attitude of the university management.

Not only the university management, this situation has also to do with the attitude of Bihar Government. Since the ages, the government of Bihar is very keen to employ even the university professors and officials for the panchayat elections. It is quite ironical that an 8th pass deputy CM is sitting on the throne and dictating the Ph.D. professors to conduct the polls of Mukhiyas and Jila Parshards. The polls of gram panchayat, by the way, are always fought on the strength of money and approach in Bihar. The question is, can the government so easily put the future of Masters level students in danger every five years? One year has passed and even the first-semester examination has not taken place in Magadh University! Unfortunately, they will have to appear in the next three semesters examination within a span of one year. This is sheer injustice with their future, and the Bihar Government is busy in welcoming a ‘fool’ research scholar from JNU who has been studying God knows what since 14 years. Is Bihar government all set to demolish the future of Magadh University students like him? Is MU also planning to keep the students stuck with the university for a longer time period?

The reports from the university campus confirm that the university officials also planned to file a case in the local court against the government. But the Nitish-led-Lalu-dictated government in Bihar has threatened them to reduce the salaries or even dismiss them from their position. Is this the new way the education system will run in Bihar?

Talking to the students in the university, they are all frustrated with this situation. They have to face the extended duration of their masters, three years. Is there anyone who will come at the fore to take the responsibility of the one year that will be presented as a sacrifice by the students of Magadh University? Nitish Kumar always talks about taking Bihar to new heights with his sushashan. This is not a sushashan Nitish ji. The daily going bank robberies, dacoities, rapes and murders aside, you are playing with the future of students by unnecessarily interfering with the university schedules. And unfortunately, the helpless students cannot do anything about the situation! They are not like Kanhaiya Kumar to ride the backs of political leaders and enjoy the luxury of plane and I-phone. They don’t even get the facilities and also, no 3 lacs per month are spent on their ‘education’. They live in almost fallen hostels with limited facilities and are forced to bear the diktats of the university administration which come directly from 1 Anne marg, Patna.

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