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It has been almost a year since the JDU-RJD unexpected (was it?) coalition for the elections happened. The rivals came together to confront a power which was aiming to usurp the crowns of almost every ‘in power’ person. Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar, the two avowed rivals in the state politics of Bihar as well as in the terms of their alliances, came together not only to surprise the political pundits but also to register a massive win in Bihar assembly elections. However, there was a game of ‘power quotient’ with the win of RJD-JDU alliance. The Lalu’s party got more seats than the JDU and it was something unexpected prior to the conditions and the ‘history’ of Bihar. However, it happened, somehow!

Now, what we are witnessing in Bihar is something that doesn’t at all add up to the sushashan image of Nitish and he is almost dumb – he cannot utter a single word as if he in under some kind of threat. What that implicitly implies, anyone with a political conscious of elementary level can easily judge!

What I feel is that Nitish Kumar has been cornered seriously on the issue of booze-ban in Bihar. The liquor ban in Bihar seems to work affectless as well as overwork at times. People are being thrown into jails or being slapped with heavy penalties if someone in the family is caught juggling the liquor bottles; many a police station in charge are being suspended on the grounds of liquor ban law as they are unable to maintain that. However, what might worry Nitish is that not only the BJP in opposition but leaders his allies’ party are also opposing his ‘stubborn’ role regarding this law. 2-3 days ago, Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, a senior leader of the RJD and a close aid of Lalu Yadav, has spoken out against Nitish. He has told to the press that the liquor ban is not at all working as it was expected to work in the state. People are still consuming liquor from the black markets and they fall ill or even die!

Not only this liquor ban issue but also on many other grounds one can see what’s happening in the state. Lalu is bluntly speaking against some of the CM’s decision as well as other members of his party can be easily found lined up on the other side of the line. Now that we know RJD has won more seats than the JDU, why not, one can question, the political ambitions of the newly elected Deputy CM of Bihar would go high? Why not he would think of removing the label of ‘deputy’ against his post? These are the questions being discussed on the cornered tea stalls of Bihar… I must clarify, however, these notions are still a hypothesis. But one must know that hypothesis is the mother of reason!

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