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Independence Day, Our Responsibilities and Our Agreement with Those!

Happy Independence Day India! We are celebrating the 70th independence day today. The PM Narendra Modi has finished his speech from the premise of Lal Kila, the historical red fort in New Delhi. His speech was much a sort of ‘count our achievements’ but also, a kind of morale-boosting for the countrymen as well as the jawans. We surely cannot write off his speech so simply.

I was reluctant to read the newspaper today; today is 15th and I have to finish the last assignments and bring up the XIXth issue of Ashvamegh, the literary magazine, online. Nevertheless, I took up TOI and navigated to the editorial, eventually. The same Sagarika rhetoric, even on the day of our ‘azaadi’. I was taken by a sense of ‘stubbornness’ that some people are still showing towards the event on the JNU campus that ‘shocked’ the nation. Some people, I think, will never stop ‘adoring’ the ‘villain’ Kanhaiya perhaps. I mean come on Sagarika, did you not see that the JNU administration also banned Kanhaiya? His slogan ‘are ham kya mangey azadi’ was with certain pretext and post-text. ‘Gilani mange? Azadi’ Now tell me, if you have guts and you dare to debate, what is that Azadi that Gilani asks for?

Come on Indians, just discard her article today. Let us celebrate the independence day as we have been doing for many years. Yes, there are certain problems that we cannot ignore. Problems of women, problems of VVIP racism and all… but only exposing them will not work; we have to act as well! Act the way you want – after all, we are independent – Kanhaiya can fight for the freedom of Kashmir – then why cannot we fight against the corruption, against the atrocities on women and downtrodden? Kanhaiya is a fake fighter and Sagarika his aid – we have to be the real fighters and to save the integrity of this country, if we have to take them on, we will do it!

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Let’s take a vow this independence day to be responsible. If one becomes responsible at least to oneself, he/she will be an asset for the nation. Suppose I am a teacher and I understand my responsibility, I will teach the best I can. I will teach so many students and even if 20 of them do something really good, it will be my win and the win for the nation! Just do it; don’t sit back and relax! There are jawans who are guarding our borders; we are the jawans within the borders and we also have to do something for India! The nation wants to know – what did you do? Are you doing? When will you do?

I leave you with these thoughts which will provoke you to think. Think; act; support the nation. This is the demand that I am putting forth today. Do remember that freedom is not only about enthusiasm, with it, comes certain responsibilities that we must carry! Are you ready for that this independence day?

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