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Rakhi loves her fans. No no, not those ceiling fans!

Mirror had an article on Friday which mentioned Rakhi Sawant conveying her displeasure on ceiling fans. She said she was a ‘Bharat Ki Beti’ and she was revolting against ceiling fans for the families who had lost their children and loved ones through suicide by dangling from ceiling fans. She also wanted compensation of Rs. 5 Crores paid to her friend Pratyusha Bannerjee’s parents as they lost their only child to a suicide from hanging (on the ceiling fan!).

It is a sad affair. Everyone loved Pratyusha Bannnerjee and her death was a shock to many if not all Indians. But to take it all on a ceiling fan! That calls for ingenuity! In a torrid climate which is experienced by 99.9%, Indians as India is in the tropic zone can be painful. Sawant says that if it were HRD Minister, Smriti Irani championing the cause of ‘no fans’ to the Prime Minister, the PMO would have a rethink!

But honestly, to rethink of a life without fans in preposterous for us Indians. In a country where everyone cannot afford air-conditioners or centrally air-conditioned houses, a ceiling fan is the only reprise. How will the government provide A/Cs in huts and shanties? How will they provide a cooling arrangement for those households that cannot afford the air conditioners and the subsequent electricity bills?

With a huge population that we Indians boast of, we could probably hire people to fan us through a heavy feathered curtain that erstwhile Kings and palaces enjoyed! However, to have some human fan your room would amount to bonded labour. Yes, it would boost the employment in the country however it would kill privacy apart from endorsing physical atrocities to make meet comfort.

I wonder how item numbers will look with people fanning the hot dancer and actresses manually. What would it do to Karan Johar’s perfect romantic scenes? Will it be consistent with the way the hair blows when a ceiling fan is on? Maybe Rakhi can actually choreograph them.

Rakhi Sawant deserves special gratitude. Notwithstanding tough times, her unique ideas bring hilarity, a happy mix to even sad episodes. If she did it all on purpose, it would make her a genius like Einstein is to science. But I guess Einstein would like to give Rakhi Sawant all the credit for making even the saddest giggle-worthy of merriment-

Cheers to you Rakhi Sawant- with or without Ceiling Fans 😉


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