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While the authors are busy in making money, maids are busy in managing the household for wives who are busy in their offices and personal affairs and husbands are busy earning for the family, there is something else going on which will give you, for sure, a tickle, which I must tell you.

Recently, I have come across a book – ‘Maid in India, written by an Indian housewife, Laveena. She has written a very very, if I might say so, an ultra-short form of narrative which runs hardly around 20-22 pages. The best thing is, you just need half an hour of your so much busy life to read it, understand it and also agree to the author’s thoughts which she toss to you in her book. Maid in India is not a fiction; it’s a ‘must be reality’ which should come to the ground of truth if we want our India to do great!

Laveena, the author

A story of Maya, the bored and worried housewife, her husband Mohit and a maid – Pooja, who just changes everything in the novel, will surely attract your attention. While I talked to the author, she was very confident of her efforts. Her book opens a new vista of probabilities, philanthropy and goodwill that can (and should prevail) in the society. A maid, who is in her teenage, is taught the lessons of life as well skill to do something ‘on her own’ and earn a ‘name’ for herself. And the best part is, who teaches her? It’s none other than Maya herself who hired Pooja for her household chores. While a typical maid story could lead you to the man of the family having extramarital affairs (those modern authors!) with the maid and a breaking point in the family, this story by Laveena gives you a real opportunity to think – can we be a little honest? Could we provide a little space to the humanity that resides within each of us?

A must read for the housewives, and they must go through this little book which will hardly take an hour. Read it and you will understand why I am on all praise mode for Laveena and her book. Moreover, I am not a housewife, nor a husband, still, I enjoyed reading the book so much. Therefore, I also encourage men to go through the book to understand on which grounds Mohit, the husband in the book, supported Maya and on which grounds he could have supported her more.

Take it on any Sunday and you will be delighted! Happy reading folks!

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