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Have we not made a mockery of ‘national sentiments’ these days? Looking at how the ‘elite class of intellectuals’ is behaving recently, one can safely infer that nationalism and national sentiment have been the butt of satire today. Who are these people? Where they have come from? What do they think of India? All these questions demand answers, and not from others but these elitists themselves.

It’s a sad state for India that these people from the ‘headless elite’ class are in plenty and spread over different professions. You can raise your head and just have a rough look in the politics, sports, journalism (how could I leave that), bollywood (another unmissable), literary fraternity, science, history and what not… you will find these people omitting venom at every possible dot they find between the tightly knit thread holding together the thing called India. I am quite confused – where to start? Whom should I pick up and thrash first of all? There are so many headless intellectuals roaming around in the streets of India and doing, saying, promoting, endorsing and prompting things which are certainly anti-India!

Well, it must start somewhere. I have not got so much ‘mind’ in my head as these intellectuals have. Manish Tiwari, who boasts to be one among the top Congress leaders, seems to me one definite person standing against the interests of India and the sentiments of Indians. We have seen a part of his script being enacted during all this surgical strike politics that Congress and other parties played with dirty mindset. Yes, we cannot deny that BJP workers at lower level could have shown some restraints. Still, Rahul almost going on to abuse our Jawans of selling their valour to political forces and this Tiwari, the way he backed that hatemongery, was amazing! Has Rahul forgotten the scams? Has Tiwari forgotten the kingdom of UPA? Has the country forgotten the Ishrat Jahan foil?

Talking of the bollywood, I will not pick them one by one and pin them down to the floor. My first question is to Priyanka Chopra and others who have asked us quite easily to keep art and films away from the ongoing tension in the country. What do these people think? Are they those few of the angels who were left accidently by Gods on the earth to lead a luxurious life and go on slandering the national sentiments? This is a strange scenario in the country where people from the ‘camera and sound’ world are dictating us what a democracy should look like! I am amused! Yes, I am quite amused! When it comes to money-making, they are right behind the army and even ready to bribe our ‘sentiments’. Hypocrites and shameless people are out there!

And then, there people like Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai in our media. They can make a hero out of Burhan Wani and if we gave them a chance, they could do the same with Kasab too! Ask anyone who knows Barkha Dutt (after all, she is an elite and very few people know her) and in most of the cases, the answer must be ‘I know her and hate her’. She has been like this, since the time she has started her journalism in the visual media. Read her articles, witness her shows (which rarely the homo-sapiens do now) and you will realise what is being talked. And recently Rajdeep Sardesai has observed that Pakistani media people are brave. Why are they brave? Well, they are cowed down by the ISI, the Pak army and maybe (of they are potent) the Pak civilian government. And Rajdeep is right; thoughts, his and min, are concomitant. Rajdeep, the journalists like you and your wife make Indian Journalists down; you people go on the enemy channels and bark bullshit about India! Yes, I mean it – bullshit! Maybe you are an elite, intellectual and have that class (which is just amusing) but I do exercise my right to freedom of expression!

Now take a break from these headless elites. What is the national sentiment? Is nationalism something to be mocked by the people who think themselves ‘a little above’ the ‘usual people’? Talk of tough lessons to Pak, their soul is wounded! Talk of a Uniform Civil Code, their life is pinched! Talk of ending triple talaaq, they cry ‘end of democracy’! However, this is the national sentiment… this is the mindset of people now in the country. These leftists, JNU alumni, the new kinda liberals, the women activists (socialite evenings types) are not ready to digest that someone not from their school is ready to lead the country! Then, is this just the frustration? Are they not yet in a position to digest the 2014 polls verdict? Well, if this is the case, I advise them (they will cry warning) to come out of their hysteria.

Dear countrymen, just remember that we are not nincompoops to take orders from Alia Bhatt on how the country should allow its sentiments to flow! They call the people who talk about the nation – Ultra Nationalists! Yes, if talking about our brave jawans and hailing the martyrs is something that the poor ‘headless intellectuals’ call ultra-nationalism, shouldn’t we be happy to own that title?

This is the time that country has exposed all those who are living on our soil, well-guarded within Indian boundaries but talking against the national sentiment. We have to expose them more and more. Whatever they say, the sentiment of the country has come in an alignment and we will keep it that way! Let them bark; let us unite; let us work!

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