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The questions which need the answers are:
how could the terrorists (yes, no more garb of undertrial) flee from the jail?
were there any lapses in the security?
were these terrorists in a hook with the big names in terrorism?
was there someone involved from within the jail?

Now, all those, great persons in media and regressive politicians like Kejriwal and Digvijay Singh, who are raising questions about the encounter and making it another Ishrat Jahan, should understand one basic thing – if they were waving hands to surrender ‘peacefully’ they should not have murdered a guard and run away from the jail in the first instance. Moreover, people who are thinking like me and are happy because of these neutralized terrorists, don’t forget that we have journalists like Barkha, channels like NDTV and politicians like Kejriwal, Nitish and Mayavati in our country. These people can never digest that the country is raising an unequivocal noise against terrorism, and this noise against the frustrating politics and pseudo secularism is hurting them like hell!

The same media which was going against the national interest and telling that Kanhaiya’s videos are unverified is ranting whole lot of ‘unholy’ lies on the basis of some unverified footage this time. Tell me if I am wrong, is it all about muslim politics of the nation? We all know we live in India and how badly is muslim politics is played here by our politicians and even novices like Kejriwal are also playing it so wisely.

We have all seen the truth behind Ishrat Jahan encounter; we all know what transpired then; we all know what the ‘anti-national’ politicians are doing today. This is shameful as well as shocking for a nation which is facing cross-border as well as in-house terrorism so badly that there are some enemies within; there are people in politics and journalism who will question every single move of our police force and jawans. This time, it is not so strange that certain section of people is seeming to be standing with the terrorists, not covert, but rather in an explicit way!

The nation has to understand that fight against terrorism and glorification of the encountered terrorists cannot go hand-in-hand in the country. These pseudo-intellectuals who care so much about the human rights of the butchers will never understand the pain of the family members of that killed guard. However, we, India, as a nation, have to understand the things clearly now. Let’s strengthen our voice against terrorism and let’s celebrate the end of it!

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