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The recent book by emerging author Madhav Mahidhar has taken the bookstores, online and offline, to a storm. Madhav has weaved a tale of an impossible murder and the story is so thrilling that readers just cannot ignore the book. Particularly, the readers who love reading the adventure, suspense and thriller novels, they just cannot miss this piece by Madhav. A completely modern in scenario and approach, Blood in the Paradise is a story which will keep the young readers captured as well as entertained until the end.

To ease the readers, here is an overview of the book written by Nidhi Sharma. It will make the readers understand why they must go through the book. Well, you can buy the book here:

Blood in the Paradise by Madhav Mahidhar is a murder mystery filled with suspense, drama and action. It’s a puzzle to be solved. The story revolves around three main characters and their own mission. They are Madhumitha Nandan, a courageous and determined lady, an honest, intelligent and focussed police officer and highly influencing Anupriya Gautam. It’s really an impossible murder and readers get ready to solve The Puzzle.

The title itself tells a lot about what is inside the cover. But wait, before you start predicting there is much more than what is written on the back or what is conveyed through the title.

Yes, you guessed it right it’s a murder mystery. But it involves a lot of other labyrinth of emotions and elements that lead you to form a bond with Madhumitha, the heroine with her diary. Her entries become reader’s own life.

The questions…Oh my God!!! The questions involve the reader so much that as if he or she has to answer them.

Single main thread of the story is the strong point of the story. A time bound diary events connect the reader to the character with intensity.

Feminism, a much spoken about and much sought after topic makes this novel all the worthier for all feminists. It has the required amount of content for them to read and understand the plight and condition of women as wives. Their sacrifice, their desires, goals, promises, commitments all take a back seat. Madhumitha in the story becomes so depressed that she resolves to end her life along with her “angels”. The novel starts with the same note.

The story begins with the struggle of present, the battle of emotions and decisions. It moves on to the flash back of love …then “cracks in love” leading to the break-up of relationship.

The story comes back to present leading one puzzle after the other. The interrogation and court case finally leading to the revelation of plot and eventually “The Verdict” and “The Confession”.

For more read the novel. The mystery continues….in the tale of an impossible murder.

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