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Can anyone please remind me when did our beloved CM Kejriwal last visit the funeral of a martyr? Well, if you ask me, ‘vultures’ do hover around a dead body; and why do they gather, we all better know! It’s a shame for the nation that an unfortunate suicide of a brave soldier who fought for the nation is being politicised, and not only by the novices like Rahul & Kejriwal but also by the veterans of Indian politics. I am surprised to find out that there is nothing left in our country now which can be left out of the mainstream politics… sad!

Gen. V. K. Singh, a man with first-hand experience of army life, should have exercised a little restraint when he, once again, put his party in danger and also a shame. It’s shameful on his part to say that we should inquire into the mental condition of the deceased retired jawan. V. K. Singh should immediately apologise for his brazen remark and there is no other choice for him; also, the party should not come in support of such a hasty statement. There must an unequivocal criticism of his disgraceful remark on the suicide of the former army man.

Rahul Gandhi, it seems, has decided that his ultimate destination is the politics of issues which are sensitive and must not be politicised. We have seen his hurry in politicising dead bodies before – Dadri, Vemula, and also the shameful JNU incident. Rahul Gandhi will be found everywhere – except when a Jawan is martyred; when many of our brave soldiers are martyred in Uri; except when the nation is united against the cross-border terrorism. We can understand Rahul’s state of mind, no doubt. He and his party have run out of issues and they keep on sneaking into the holes that they find.

I am not in a state to comment on the divine presence of Sri Arvind Kejriwal, today in Bhiwani and yesterday in Delhi’s RML hospital. He was heard saying that ‘ham sainikon ki hak ki ladai ladte hain’ and ‘ham sainikon ke liye rajniti karte hain’. Oh! Where was Kejriwal seen when the martyrs from the same state of Haryana were brought who fought bravely to defend our nation’s border? There is no more to learn what is the standard of this man’s politics. He is a lesser than D grade politician of India who can politicise almost anything!

What we expect is that PM and the Defence Minister must take cognition of the developments and ensure that they look into the matter. The brave soldiers must get what they should. OROP is not an issue to be politicised and also not an issue to be kept in the cold box of political promises during the elections. Let’s settle it once and for all!

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