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Mother Teresa has finally been decorated with the honour of being called a ‘saint’ by the Vatican. However, the path to sainthood for the kind ‘mother’ has not been so easy. Mother Teresa, who has served the poor people for many many long years, had been constantly kept at the bay from being conferred the sainthood for a very long period. Her followers and the scholars of Christianity have been arguing for the honour of sainthood for Mother Teresa, but, in the view of many scholars, she had been deceitfully kept from it.

Gerard, a Catholic Christian from Tamilnadu, who is also a spiritual thinker and social critic, has come out with a quality book (translated into English) Mother Teresa: Canonized or Crucified. This book contains a record of the events and the game plan of the Vatican which has been denying sainthood to ‘Mother’ for a prolonged period of time.

Catholic Church is also not above the dogmatism of ‘womenia’ as records suggest many shocking truths. There are still many practices being carried away in the Churches that only men are allowed to do despite God who does not differentiate between sexes! Gerard, the author of Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified, suggests the same in his book.

Talking about Teresa, there are many instances that people criticized her for her ‘services’ to the poor. Gerard has argued in favour of Teresa in his book. Undoubtedly, a person who used to think:

“There is longing for love. There is no shortage of bread in England, America, and Australia.. There is a shortage of pure love. The world is longing more for love than food.”

The controversies around Mother Teresa emerged chiefly after her letters were revealed by some Roman Journalist Brian Kolodiejchuk as ‘confessional letters’. These letters revealed the crisis of faith that Mother Teresa was suffering. Moreover, some people also argue that she died because of the same crisis. Gerard, in his book, strongly voices for Mother and defends her. She finds leaking the personal letters of Teresa as much a punishable offense as it was when some other Roman Journalists were arrested for revealing the Vatican Scandals by leaking Pope’s secret documents.

Whatever be the progress in this field, this book by Gerard has added a new dimension to the ongoing quest around Mother Teresa who has recently been conferred with the sainthood by Vatican.

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