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I have hurt both my ankles this morning while playing a football match. I do attend my college and I am also very good at the work I do. I am a good student; a good leader; still I am hurt! Is this your achhe din? Modi ji!

Indians are getting aware, day by day. Some of them are also paying their taxes regularly – as much as 15 crores a year! Can you imagine that these multi-millionaire people are being asked for a bribe? That also, they are asked for bribes for some ‘illegal’ work being done. BMC officials are caught in a fix as Sri Kapil Sharma has directly questioned PM Modi over his ‘achhe din ke sapne’.

This immaturity of the popular comedian might cost him a bit of his fame being turned into notoriety as he has directly taken on the PM of this biggest democracy on the earth. And it had to be; it can only amuse when you just blame the prime minister of this nation for any wrong being done to you! The biggest thing that is coming out of Kapil Sharma’s rap is that he is on the weaker ground once the case came in public domain. Kapil is trying to create a commercial complex in the residential area and perhaps, for this reason, the BMC official (only when Kapil has the iron to name him/her) might have demanded a bribe of only rs. 5 lacs from a guy who is paying taxes worth rs. 15 crores!

Kapil, let me ask you some questions. What the havoc if you pay your taxes tantamount to Rs. 15 crores or even 150 crores? You are a common citizen of the country and you can’t just go on and brag your taxes! You earn and you pay! There is no big deal! Just imagine how much they would be paying who pay you. And then, only the heavy briefcases of money cannot assure that you can do whatever you want. You cannot just raise a commercial complex if that is barred in the residential area. Did you ‘offer’ a bribe for that? The BMC has given you notice in July and they also broke your construction down. Did you tweet to PM Modi then that see, I have been caught on the wrong foot and your police are doing a great job? Kapil, the ducplicity on the screen is very good to amuse your audience; you cannot amuse the nation when it comes to doing unlawful things by any means! Please let me know, as well as the PM, when you have a fever. After all, Modi has promised us of accche din and we are not supposed to fall ill!

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